BMW SALE! GariLeasing NOV Black Friday now through month end! NEW & LOANERS

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:genie:‍♂ Hello LH Community Deal Seekers. :genie:‍♂

:rotating_light:Please Read everything below before texting or emailing me!!! Almost all of your questions can be answered below.:rotating_light:

My contact info:

Name: John
Phone: (215) 891-6094
(initial point of contact is TEXT or EMAIL ONLY!!! After your text or email, please write in comments below that you have sent in the info requested. Once you make contact, we can set up a call if desired)

In your initial text/email please include:

  1. Your Name.

  2. Model, Desired Colors (at least 2-3 choices) and Options.

  3. Zip code of vehicle registration.

  4. Miles per year: (7.5k-available on some models only, 10k, 12k or 15k, etc.)

  5. Loyalty/Conquest

  6. MSDs? (Y/N)

  7. Any other incentive you may qualify for e.g.: Recent College Grad***/USAA/PenFed member, OL code (worth $500 not $1,000 in northeast), etc.

  8. Approximate credit score**

My spreadsheet DOES NOT include tax, tags or dealer’s doc fee as they vary by zip code and/or Dealer.

It does however, INCLUDES Loyalty, 7 MSDs and payments are based on FICO Auto V8 score of 700 or above.**

Once you text/email me, you will get a price with all those costs included in the monthly payment. If you want to pay your state’s tax, tags and fees at signing, then the payments should match with corresponding MSRP vehicle on the spreadsheet, unless you choose a different MSRP vehicle.

My Dealers are located in Philadelphia Region/Central NJ or Northern NJ depending on where the deal is.

Pickups are the fastest way. People have been getting very inexpensive quotes during this pandemic. Depending on distance from the dealer, expect at least a week or two (start to finish) on a SHIPPING deal. Pickups are much faster!

Depending on distance from origin, quotes are as low as $300 to upwards of $1,500. Please note that shipping costs are not part of my deal, either you arrange it yourself or reimburse dealer directly for the cost if they arrange it for you.

My fee is $399.** ($50 discount is available; if you are a repeat customer/active military/current teacher/first res-ponder or government employee)

Referrals are welcomed and appreciated with $50 for each referral without any limits on how many times.

Please make sure all your due diligence are taken care off before paying me, as my fee is non-refundable. Consult with other decision makers (if any), check insurance rates, determine shipping cost if applicable, etc.

The only exception to the rule is if you are denied credit. Or if I error in numbers and you decide not to proceed because of it (has not happened in 7 years)

I prefer Venmo, Zelle, or Apple Pay. All these options have no additional fees. PayPal is not an option for me so please do not request that.

Most Leasing Banks I deal with will approve credit as low as 575 Experian bureau; however, for the best deal my spreadsheet is based on scores of 700 or higher. There is no risk with running your credit, I refund you 100% if you’re not approved. But please save both of our times and check your credit for free on credit karma or similar websites to get an idea. (If you are 750 there, you shouldn’t be 650 on your fico auto v8 score.) They are usually very close to each other in most cases.


If your state has a personal property tax, that is not included in my pricing. You are required to file and pay that on your own. Most states do not have this, but some do.

Protection plans starting at $550+tax for all vehicles. Regular price is $1,245 onwards. The dealer will consult with you about this service if desired. It’s 100% optional.



(215) 891-6094


College Grad Program Criteria:

Program Details – $1,000 Lease/APR Credit is good towards the lease or finance of any new BMW MY2019 or MY2020 vehicle, excluding All M2 Coupes, M3 CS Sedan, M4 CS Coupe, MY19 M5 and M5 Competition Sedan, through BMW FS.

Super Elite rate available for eligible graduates who qualify for Standard Plus credit tier or better.

Advance will be based on customer’s FICO score and income.

Security Deposit Waiver, unless stipulated by credit.

Graduation from an accredited college or university, within the United States, with an Undergraduate, Graduate or Associate’s degree earned within previous 24 months OR eligible for graduation within next 6 months with a verifiable offer of employment.

A copy of the graduate’s diploma or official transcript.

Proof of Income (most recent paystubs) or employer letter with the Human Resources representative’s contact information, stating position/title, and income.

At least 6 months of credit file

No previous derogatory credit on file

Gross debt to income ratio of less than 45%. Gross automotive payment to income ratio of less than 20%.

** Approx. Credit Score:**

please know that most auto leasing companies use FICO AUTO Version 8 for scoring model, which may be different than what your credit card company or websites like credit karma gives you.

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Hi Jon, please elaborate. thank you :slight_smile:

This ad is for BMWs, so why are you tagging Audi and MB too? Remove those.

Is it me or this sounds copy pasted from Toyota broker

Ah… thank you for pointing it out. ill take care of it right now.

Hi, I’m Paul, Looking for 2020 BMW 3-SERIES all wheels drive. 10K. MSDs - YES. Convenient pkg. Please contact Thx.

This looks almost verbatim of my first post on my thread…I’m flattered


Can I use yours? lol

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you should be brother. you were definitely my inspiration… love your work

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Hello John, pardon me but I was not aware of the stipulation you mentioned. I am very respectful of your terms, and shall abide by them. Thank you

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Are these leases through BMW financial? If so, do they offer a damage protection waiver/option? I am thinking of getting one for my teenager and expect that the car will suffer from some bruises.

yes all the leases i do are through BMW FS. there is 2 different Lease Protection coverage available with the dealers i work with. one of the Lease Protection package is through BMW underwritten by safeguard cost is $985 but the dealer will not sell it for less than $100 profit, making it $1,085, and the other is underwritten by Assurant, cost is $655, but again with a $100 profit to dealer, they will happily give that to you for $755. both shall cover up to $5,000 of excess wear & tear without any deductible

Hey, do you have deals for cars with different options from the ones on your spreadsheet? For instance, do you have any 330i x drives with other options than the ones listed?