BMW’s turn to cut models/expenses

German sad face (if true):

Damn. Just when I was getting used to having 15 different SUV’s to pick from.


Between this and Boing’s MAX issues, South Carolina will need to find a new jobs program.


I can’t say I’m surprised the x2 is on the chopping block. It’s essentially the same size as the x1 with less utility. Sales aren’t exactly all that great either, considering even with the stop sale, the x1 outsold it by about 2500 so far this year. Last year, the x1 beat it by more than 10k.


When you realize you can get a 3 series, 3 series GT, 3 series wagon, a 3 series coupe (4 series now), 3 series Grand coupe, 3 series convertible, 3 series M in coupe, sedan AND convertible. Plus a X3 and now X4. Probably slicing the compact sport sedan market a bit too thin!

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I assume you mean coupe. Couple is 2 individuals considered to be together.

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If they kill all these unique models, where will I get my authentic street food from?



They do have way too many options currently. They need to streamline their offerings moving forward. Everything is moving towards EV and driverless. I expect them to take it in stride. 8 series will stick around. Maybe an electrified version like the electric M8 they said was on the drawing board.

Darn spell check!

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I guess I’m the only person who thinks the vehicle choices (at least in the US) align with the market as expected? Everybody complains that there’s too many car choices for the same car but you can find an equivalent with the other European luxury car manufacturers.

3 Series Sedan -> A4 -> C Class
4 Series Coupe -> A5 -> C Class Coupe
4 Series Vert -> A5 Vert -> C Class Coupe Vert
4 Series Gran Coupe -> A5 Sportback -> N/A

3 Series Wagon / GT are already dead so no reason to bring them up.

2 Series vert is in a weird spot. Cheaper with a more engaging sporting drive would be the Miata. Or you spring for the Z4 if you need the BMW badge.

Z4 being on the chopping block so quickly surprises me, since I assume that sharing some of the development costs of Toyota would make it cheaper in the long run to keep around.

I think BMW is approaching EV the right way; gradual rollout of PHEV vehicles in their lineup and once the industry gets past its infancy then hit it hard with electric vehicles. It also gives them an easy out from EV if something else comes up as a replacement (the moment somebody figures out how to transport hydrogen easily / reliably, I expect the industry to pivot to hydrogen vehicles very quickly).

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BMW markets their cars a bit differently too. Instead of having a base, LT, and Premier trim levels, they have a 320i (discontinued), 330i, 340i, M3, etc. I don’t see it as much different than trim levels on other manufacturer’s cars.

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BMW has how many convertibles now? 2 series, 4 series, 6 series, 8 series AND a Z4? 5 convertibles for a subset of less than 1% of total sales being a convertible. Seems like they cut each niche into a smaller subset. I am not a car executive, BMW was #12 overall and #2 luxury auto marker behind Mercedes so they are doing something right. But if they ditched a 6 series and 2 series, I doubt they would lose more than a handful of customers.

I was in a Mercedes dealer last night. A new AMG GT 4 door was right next to an E53. GT has the swoppy roof line and a 116k sticker. The E53 has a more sedan look and a 98k sticker. Same engine, same emblem, interiors looked very close. I assume the GT might have a sportier suspension but other than that the “coupe like” design justifies a 20k markup?!?!

MB has how many convertibles now? C Class, E Class, S Class, SLC Roadster, SL Roadster, and a GT Roadster? 6 convertibles?

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So many convertibles on the market, yet none of them look good :cry:


This looks good to me.



I’ll hand that to you. That’s a good looking Volkswagen.

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They know there is a recession and a slow down in Auto sales coming into play so they are shifting into safe mode.

I dunno. I see new cars on the road almost as often as older ones but that could just be a market anomaly (Read: DFW is a big keepupwithjones market)