BMW Road Home event without being a current owner

I was looking online for any new incentives for BMW and I came across the article below regarding the current Road Home event. I can’t find anything that states you qualify for an incentive if you aren’t a current bmw owner.

Not sure if Im blind or what… Ive looked on multiple pages. This will be my first bmw, big jump for me… I have a minivan lol.

This is the promo: 2021 BMW Ultimate Road Home Sales Event | BMW USA

[New Car Deals for Black Friday 2021 (]
and below is the article that I found.

(New Car Deals for Black Friday 2021)

Where its main rival may scoff at cash off, BMW will drop a couple grand off the price before you start dealing. This is limited to the 2022 X3, 3-series, and 5-series (the sedans get $2500 off, and the X3 is $1750 off). The catch requires you to finance through BMW and be a current BMW owner. But reading the fine print shows that BMW will offer a lesser credit off the MSRP on certain models without owning a current BMW. The M models are excluded, but they still finance for the same rates (0.9 percent for the 3 and 5; 1.9 percent for the X3). Deals end November 30.

Anyone point me in the right direction?

Discount is a combo of using BMW financing and loyalty…for X3 it looks like 1000 off if finance and 750 for loyalty which you wouldn’t get.

1,500 for the 3er and 1,000 for the X3.

@IAC is this $1500 for the road home event in addition to the $1500 bmw dealer allowance that is being offered below, so 3k total or is it the same allowance?

This is so confusing to me ><

2022 BMW 330e Incentives, Specials & Offers in Towson MD (

Dealer Allowance: $1,500 Cash Back On Select BMW Models

Manufacturer Offers

  • $1,500 cash back

Offer only valid 11/02/2021 through 11/30/2021

Applies to select new 2022 BMW 330e, 330i, and M340i. See Trims


  • Cash only available on vehicles with 1,000 or fewer odometer miles. Dealer Contribution cashback may not be available in all areas, to all consumers, or to all dealers. Dealers who participate may not be able to contribute the entire cashback amount. See dealer for details.

For anyone else wondering, here is the fine print.

It’s the same. All there is to work on at that point is actual dealer discount.


Not that confusing to me.

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