BMW Road Home $2,000 Allowance

Trying to figure out what this allowance is! Is it regional, who qualifies for it? Has anyone been able to take advantage of it?

Anyone figure this out yet?

It looks like an allowance that varies based on the models listed there in the fine print, and then $2000 more to help pay off remaining lease or loan on your current car that is not a BMW. You’d have to ask the dealer exactly what applies to you but the fine print seems to detail most of it.

So from what I can gather say you want a 5 series. You have 4 months left on your $400/month Audi lease they’d cover the remaining $1,600 to get you out of that lease, then you’d get either $2,000 to apply toward a 5 series lease or $3,000 toward financing it.

How did you determine its a conquest incentive?

Its clear if you read the last paragraph on both columns. It says not valid for current bmw customers trading in a bmw.

Can anyone confirm if this even exists? I am told you need to have received a mailer in order to eligible.

It does, I still dont understand who “qualies” to receive these mail. Wonder if there is a way CAs can do a name search if certain OL number have been assigned.

Guys this is in fact true. Right now you have a Holiday Lease Credit that varies by car, ranging from $1000-$4000. Out of those the i3 and i8 get an additional iLease credit. Also you have the iPerformance Lease Credit that applies to only the 330e, 740e and X5 40e which is $3000. These programs apply to all consumers, current owners or not.

Next, you have an additional incentive for BMW Loyalty qualifiers of $1500 only applicable on certain models.

Hope this has been helpful, if anyone is looking for a deal get in contact with me. Thank you.