BMW releasing July numbers on July 8th?

Currently negotiating on an i3S. A dealer told me that BMW won’t be releasing July’s numbers until July 8th, after the July 4th holiday. Any truth to that?

Current program runs through July 1st. It’s certainly possible they extend through the holiday. They’re already advertising discounts through the end of July.

June’s BMW Corporate Fleet Program is valid till July 7th, whereas MINI program is valid till July 1st.

Let me know what you end up getting offered. Looking into getting I3 as well.

On dealer websites that disclose incentive exp dates, I see 7/7.

I’m also in market for an i3. What % discount off MSRP you are getting?

This is the response from the Edmunds BMW moderators on this topic: “Current BMW programs run through Sunday, 07/07”.

Thank you!

Hello everyone. I’m in the market for BMW i3. What is the current discounts, MF, specials?