Bmw pull ahead 6 months

Does bmw have any pull ahead programs?

I asked my original dealer since I’m at the 6 mo mark and they said no, but hopefully they bring them back. I think it’s dealer specific but not sure.

For laughs, the dealer that is closer to me sent a flyer to absorb up to $9k of payments if I switch to a 740 @ $1050/mo with $8k down. Do they just assume I’d go from a 535 to a 740 and more than double my effective payments? At least I know they have me on their radar and could possibly play ball.

Actually, both my wife and I got one of these flyers for the 7 series. Must be reallly slow selling.

I ththink it’s regardless of what bmw you drive now as I have an i8 and she has an X3.

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