BMW protection plans

Hi all,

I am negotiating a deal on a BMW demo and I am considering to ship it sight unseen. To mitigate the risk I am considering getting the damage protection plan if i can get it cheap. What is the lowest that you have seen this paln go for? I really don’t want to pay more than 500 bucks for this.

First I would make sure I get a walk around video and pictures before it’s loaded on the truck from your salesman. Who’s providing the protection plan and what price were you quoted?

They have not quoted me anything yet. Just trying to do some homework before they do since this will be my first BMW lease. The salesperson is supposed to scrub it this morning and tell me if there are any scratches.

are you referring to a lease protection plan that covers damages at lease turn in or damages done while being shipped?

If you are referring to excess damage protection from BMW to cover excessive damage at turn-in, you’re not getting this for anything close to 500.

At lease turn in. I believe damages during shipping will be covered by the carrier’s insurance.

What’s the best you’ve seen it go?

I’d pass and just take care of the car. Likely would be north of 1k.

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Depends where you are getting it from. Dealers all offer different priced protection plans.

You can negotiate this plan just like any other aspect of the car purchase.

Remember - the dealers themselves have a cost to offer this plan. It’s not “free” for them.

Just to reiterate, it’s not happening for 500 bucks.

i think we established this already.

My comment was in reference to @NurseAl’s comment regarding negotiation. Her comment made it sound like you could negotiate it down that low, whether that was her intent or not.