BMW Pay lease upfront. MF discount?

Can anyone confirm or point me in the right direction with this question.
If I were to pay a BMW lease upfront in full, does that save me .00030 on the Money Factor?
I have read it here, but I have not seen it listed anywhere else. I tired calling BMW financial and they had no idea. lol

Thanks in advance.

Yes, it’s outlined on the calculator as well. Pay everything upfront to lower the MF by 0.00030.

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Thanks for the confirmation.

Besides the calculator. Is there any other source for that? Anything officially from BMW?

What are you looking for in terms of proof? One pay leases are a lot less common so a lot of the call centre workers won’t know about it or have any involvement with it.

It’s really between you and the dealership finance manager. Some of them are lazy, misinformed or deliberately misleading. I’ve read of dealerships that won’t structure a deal a certain way because the finance manager doesn’t know how to.


I believe MSDs get you the same benefit with a smaller cash outlay so keep that in mind.

MSDs save you more than a one pay

One pay makes sense in NY where msds can’t be used

.00035 v .00030

@RN-Mike if you can’t believe us, who can you believe? This is the :houses: : of leasing!


Haha. I believe you guys. I have had several brokers confirm as well. I’m just dealing with a CA who is telling me it’s not true. Rest of deal is great but the MF is .00089 when it should be .00069. I have seen information documented from BMW in regards to MSD’s. I just never seen anything by BMW mentioning anything official to the 1 time pay. And yea it is not common that’s why I’m a little stuck.

Side question. Which I’m sure the answer is yes. You can do full pay + MSD’s. Correct?

Thanks again guys for the help.

And I believe that’s what I’m dealing with right now. So to better inform them it would be good to direct them to officially information or a source.

Are you assuming that they’re starting at buy rate before the one pay amount?

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No, you can’t double dip. You get to one pay or use MSDs.


What @mllcb42 x 2

That means they are applying the one-pay MF reduction, but also marking up the MF by .0002.

No, that is not correct.


As others above have noted, MSDs are normally the way to go unless it’s a specific financial situation but one-pays are rarely worth it.

If the finance manager is really struggling and doesn’t know you can advise them to contact BMWFS, but that could be an uncomfortable situation. Dealerships have resources at BMWFS that none of us have access to unfortunately.

CB42 - Yes. I’m working off the .00099 should be the base, so the full pay should bring it down to .00069, not .00089.

Guys thank you for the follow ups and clarification about full pay + MSD’s.

Much appreciated.

You may be, but is the dealer?

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No, but a competing one is. I reviewed the numbers and its legit and all the numbers line up. Top MRSP off, rebates, MF, no junk fees. Advised the Client to take that deal. Never dealt with a one-pay before, now I have a better idea for future reference.

I was thinking of doing a one-pay in NY so that if someone assumes my lease it wont be double taxed…
Wonder how itll work

I didn’t realize that MSDs arent allowed in NY. I suppose that does make sense that people can do one-pays instead.

I thought the recommendation was just to do a sign and drive to alleviate worries on gap insurance and such. If someone goes from taxes and fees front-loaded, to put instead in monthlies, does that usually impact money factor negatively?

these dealers must seriously hate leasehackr :rofl:

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MF doesn’t care what you roll into the lease.