BMW October Lease Numbers

Hi everyone, can someone give me the October numbers for BMW X1, X3, 3 series, and 5 series please? I need the RV and MF, and also information about any incentives or rebates. I live in SoCal and qualify for corporate discount. Thanks a lot!!

I hope by knowing these numbers I could get over my indecision.

The MF for all BMWs all regions is .00136. The RV is value is easily calculable from BMW’s website. Click on their lease promotions click the car you want find the RV, divide by the MSRP and you have it.

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Thanks. And what is the corporate discount anyways? I read somewhere that it’s $2000 discount plus 0.0002 decrease in MF? Does it apply to all models? It’d be great if that’s the case. Can dealers deny the corporate discount?

$1000 discount and 0.0002 - not $2000

Thanks, so this is AFTER the negotiated sale price, right? Can dealers not honor it?

Also, does this corporate discount only apply to new cars? I hope it applies to demo cars also.

You can check the current corporate discounts here:
Scroll down. Currently through at least the end of October it’s $1500 on sedans and coupes, and $1000 on SUVs, plus a 0.0002 MF reduction on everything

In some months past it has been $2000 on everything. It can fluctuate.

Also some non-combinable discount programs can offer more or less discount depending on the month, what vehicle you want, etc. Like USAA, or BMW CCA. If you qualify for any of them you may want to compare which route gives you more of a discount.

Also the corporate discounts can NOT be used to lease off-demo or loaner fleet cars even if they weren’t titled. That was a fine print ‘gotcha’ that took me by surprise a couple months ago when I thought I was about to get a record-setting deal on a loaner fleet 528i.

And yes the corporate discount acts like any other manufacturer rebate… it doesn’t affect the dealer’s profits at all. I don’t know if technically they “can” reject it, but it would be silly of them to reject it, if they reached an agreeable price with you before you pulled out the offer, it should make no difference to their bottom line profit if you use it or don’t. With that said, I’d still avoid mentioning it until you have confirmed pricing so that they don’t try to play games with that discount or hold it over your head during the negotiation process.

Thanks a lot! I really hope it’s $2000 off this month. I guess I’ll wait until November then. Hopefully they have some great promotions by that time.