BMW October Lease MF


I’m currently negotiating the lease of a BMW M340i xDrive. When I run the lease calculator on this website it says the MF is .0010. My CA is telling me it’s wrong that the current MF is .0014 and insists he’s not marking it up.

Can anybody confirm current BMW money factor?

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The LH calculator does not know any MF and just defaults to .001. A lot of dealers/brokers said Oct numbers largely remained the same, so I assume base MF is .00128.


Maybe he isn’t marking it up but his boss is? :joy:


Thanks. So Sept was .00128?

It was. Not sure on Oct

I believe new numbers tomorrow, but someone smarter than me will confirm soon enough!

.00128 same as last month


On the one hand why do u care if the dealer makes 0.00012? On the other what do you think his incentive is for lying to you? You think he’s going to make an extra $2-300 dollars on your deal and that’s a problem on your $50k car? Did you know that BMW dealers get a flat fee for simply writing up a lease contract? They would forego that feeif there were any rate markup. Also the bank/BMWFS will have a standard rate and a special rate for the same car. Some banks like Porsche don’t even allow a markup on special rates, period. At the end of the day if it’s that close to why you think you know let the dealer make a few dollars on you so you’re not “that guy”. That guy is never taken care or at the dealership level. Your just a guy that bought a car at their store and forever when you come back they will look at your deal and treat you accordingly. Do you want to deal with “that guy” at your work?

There is no reason to pity the dealers, they make money every way they could (I understand they are in business to make money, but the customers are going to try to save every penny they can and nothing wrong with that). Also, plenty of dealers that lie out there, so there is nothing wrong with @tcal07 to verify that. $200 or $300 is still quite a bit of money even if he is buying a $100,000 car. I feel like you are on the wrong site if you are not here to learn or help others in saving money when they are leasing.


I agree. I do not think a dealer will single you out (or ever remember you) if you request the base MF. Additionally, I would hope an informed buyer would be treated just as well as an uninformed buyer upon return visits to a dealership.


That’s one way to think about it sure. What you’re going to do to the car industry is turn it into Tesla and then good luck. Click, click and buy like an I-Phone. No relationships and no deals. I’m not a dealer and couldn’t care less what they make or don’t but as a business owner in Watches/Jeweler I can tell you I’d remember you and treat you completely different than my good clients that don’t grind me to the bone and made me feel like you’re doing me a favor. Also as a business owner i can’t even imagine the rent or operating costs and expenses that it costs to run a dealership. I read an article about a Miami Audi dealer that sold for $75 mil… you think you can sell enough Audi’s to make $75 mil. Do you know what it takes to carry that and pay employees and and and? I’m not talking making a profit. If you know money then you know what that costs to carry just in interest. You can see for yourself what these cars are selling for right on this site so where are they making all this money you speak of?

At the end of the day I got my GT2RS at MSRP from my dealer the first month they came out. Do you think that’s because I asked for every penny on the Macan I bought my daughter or the Panamera I bought my wife? My neighbor paid $100k over MSRP at the same time and that was a “deal”. Maybe they do take advantage of you because you’re “that guy”

Ok - update here for everybody that has come to attack me or defend me for just doing some research.

My family and I have leased 4 BMWs from this dealer. We always liked the guy and always thought he gave us a fair deal. It wasn’t until I leased my last car with him I discovered this website and learned my deal was not as good as I believed.

Anyways, in the market to lease a new car and he asked me what are you looking to pay? Same as last time? I said as cheap as possible and knew I could save at least $150 per month based on posts on this site. He came back and tried to offer me $2,000 down and $750 per month and said “so you’re saving $1.06”.

Rubbed me the wrong way and turns out he was only discounting the car 4%. Referred him to my research on this site and he offered me 9.2% off MSRP before incentives and I said ok that works for me. He sent me the payment and I said that’s not adding up here’s my lease calculator and he said my MF was wrong. He said current BMW MF is .00145. I said ok I’m fine with the deal as long as that MF is not marked up and he said of course it’s not. Well, low and behold, it was.

And yes, Sarbba , it’s only a $14 per month difference. But, guess what, I do sales and work on 100% commission and it is 100% the principal of the matter that he lied right to me. If you’re a dealer and you’re offended that people shop around for the best deal I feel sorry for you. I do mortgages and I experience it everyday so cry me a river.


Nothing wrong with asking for it at all i agree but if he tells you what it is and you still don’t believe him move on. Why argue with them? and if you are going to argue wouldn’t you want to argue for something more worth it that 0.00012 on the rate ?

Who said I argued with him? I knew sept MF was .00128 and I just came to this site to verify whether or not it changed for October. You’re making too many assumptions my friend.


I’m not attacking you at all bud… I dont care as its not my money or car. Since you git 4 BMW’s from him he “should” take care of you. To me if he offered me 4% and then came back at 9% I’d say thank you and walk out. That’s a straight up crook. Give me your best deal and don’t double the discount when i question you’re.

I don’t know you or have anything against you … I’m just saying not all dealers are crooks and some are actually great guys. I do dinner with my dealer 1-2 a year bc i like him as a person and i know he’s not a thief.

The difference between .0014 and .0010 is over $1000 on a 50,000 car. I doubt people who are spending their time on this site are tipping dealers 5% of the lease cost.

We aren’t talking .00040 mark up

It’s .00012


$2-300 max

The difference equates to $488 on this particular deal.

The point is I specifically asked if he was marking it up to which he replied “of course not”.

Shot him an email this morning and told him I saw the true MF please adjust mine and he texted me 2 min later and said it’s done.

Also 5% of a $50k car is $2500 not $1000

You’re numbers are a bit off

Honestly i would walk out of principal but not over the dealer making an extra few hundred.

I get it