BMW No Lease 2017

Hello Everyone, I inquired on a 2017 330i on a decent sales price. The sales guy told me BMW can’t lease any 2017 models. I thought this was odd considering it was selling as a new car with 5k mileage so I knew it was a loaner of some kind. I have never heard of any dealer not being able to lease a “new” car because the model year was older. Is this actually true, or is this dealer trying to play games?

Can’t lease with subvented rates through BMW, they cut support on those in March. Look for a 2018 loaner

Most lease support for all makes of 2017s dried up back in March. Some dried up at the end of 2017. All depends on the captive and their policies. He’s telling the truth though, and is very much normal.

I vaguely remember hearing 1 or 2 cars still having lease support a month or 2 ago, but can’t even recall what they were at this point. General rule of thumb…end of March is pretty much the cutoff for leasing the previous year model.

I think those were the i3 and i8.

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I see, thank you! I have never really dealt with BMW and my last Audi was done as a deal this way.