BMW new electric line up?

I think it’ll grow on people. The first Z4 and E60 5-series were universally panned at the time, but they still look pretty modern to this day.

I loved my E60
Still miss it

That’s called the Bolt, I doubt this turd will be that cheap

I believe people said the same thing when i3 came out in 2014 - ugly looking, short range, and expensive price tag, blablahhh… And you know how it went… :wink:

I’m not sure why ‘300 miles of range’ will make it DOA. For most folks, a 200-mile range would be more than enough for their day to day driving. I’ve been driving my sub-200-mile range BMW i3 for my daily commute (50mi) for three years, and never have I wished my car has a longer range.

Because it’s totally acceptable for the roof to randomly fly off an electric cuv as long as it gets over 300 miles of range

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I am sure it will grow on people but why does it have to ? BMW already has a great design language and do not need to exaggerate the lines . It is like robots in the movies having a fist fight… Can they do a fist fight… sure can… do they have to … Probably no.

It’s still ugly, and has different size tires front and back, I think that’s my favorite crappy trait of that thing. Can’t even rotate the tires



I thought Cadillac was stupid for doing this when they first released CUE. Muscle memory and a physical button will win every time over a touchscreen IMO. Apparently they learned their lesson, as they began to add the buttons back in with their most recent junk.

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