BMW new electric line up?

Is it just me or is the BMW electric fugly?

It literally reminds me of a rav4. Why do automakers try to make their electric cars look futuristic…


What is up with this interior? Is it suede or cloth…


It looks like they tried to infuse some of the oddness of the i3 into a generic crossover and then doubled down on that stupid ass grill.


i guess they went from one extreme to the other on the grill haha. Engineers… maybe if I just stretch the grill this time, it’ll look more unique

I doubt engineering has any say on that grill. That’s a marketing decision being leveraged through the designers to appease the Chinese market.

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A little bit of that going on too, still don’t understand why they don’t go the Audi route, make something that’s like your other product but electric. What’s the market for these cars, someone who’s a little granola, really wants to buy a bmw but doesn’t like the sporty/flashy vibe. They need to fire who’s ever in charge of these turds they keep rolling out.

I understand that the kidney grille is BMW’s trademark design cue, regardless of whatever they have decided to do with it at the moment. I also personally find Teslas to be a little “blah” because of the lack of any real frontal design cues, albeit somehow more distinguishable because of that absence. With all of that being said, isn’t there a way to incorporate the (totally useless on an EV) design cue of the grille so it still says “BMW” but doesn’t look absolutely ridiculous? At least on an ICE model you can fool customers into believing that it is somehow done for their benefit.

I agree, one of the benefits of the audi etron is, from the untrained eye, you can’t tell whether its an EV audi or just another audi lineup. I wish more automakers would take this approach. Why change what has been working for so many years? Granted the etron mileage is abysmal because of it hah

Side profile is utterly forgettable. Front is dominated by the fake grill that could have been literally any other shape since it is not even functional. The rear isn’t bad, but everything just feels weird. I don’t see why they’re releasing this and they have the ix3 waiting in the wings. Watching the video, they talk about how it’s the size of a ~X5, but it’s just so “out there” design wise that it’s going to be very polarizing.

I also dislike the fact that they are removing a bunch of hard buttons for things like climate and radio controls. I find it safer to be able to change said settings via touch rather than having to take my eyes off the road to fiddle with a touch screen.

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CCp throwing metric tons of energy into evs.

Oh and all the touchscreen BS will never fail :rofl:, especially on a BMW, all these cars with no buttons will be really sad in about 10 years when everything is broken and you can’t control anything and replacement parts are $1500 or don’t exist. The screen will fail or whatever module that it controls does and it’s buried in the dash. Mean while some 30 year old Camry is still rolling around.


I dunno - I like it for a 3 year lease in the 300-500 range…

With President-Elect Biden winning, I can foresee heavier federal subsidies and/or expanded EV infrastructure being built around the country. All of which means, more EV’s on the road and automakers committing to a full EV lineup by 2025-2030.

Never thought I would miss the Chris Bangle days. It all started with the 7 series in both cases and it was all downhill from there, this grill madness has to stop…

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He’s committed verbally at least to converting the entire federal fleet to EVs, which makes me wonder how that will shape the market. If the automakers are selling enough of these at a fleet rate to the feds, will there be additional motivation to continue to offer the same, or better incentives to the general public as well? It will be interesting to see how that works out.

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It is not just you.

As much as I respect the “flame surfacing” design that was prevalent throughout his lead designer years at BMW I can’t say I miss it much nor do I find many of his designs to be easier on the eyes even now, years later.

I saw someone calling this the BMW iSore. Seemed very appropriate.


The design is fine with the exception of the front grille…i wanna punch the designers in the kidneys until they get the message. Is BMW scared people would buy an appealing ev if they made one?

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New 7 series rendering based on spotted prototypes.

I’m a bit surprised to see so many folks on leasehackr, of all the places on the internet, are being picky about how the new BMW iX looks. I would happily drive one as long as it can be leased under $200/mo and has four wheels :joy: :joy: