BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 5/8/2019

I’m seeing rebates went up, but Loyalty/Conquest went down.


Went up in DC area, but still $1,000 lower than NE.

Sorry but I’m off today. I will upload a new grid for Feb by the end of the weekend. It just may be busy tomorrow being Saturday and we’re moving to our all new dealership on Sunday. Super exciting!!


Moving on Super Bowl Sunday? Commitment…


Due to a recent change in company policy these program grids will no longer be posted here on a monthly basis. I will still be providing direct quotes on any vehicle in stock, any dealer trade or any custom order.

Please call, text, email or PM me directly if you are in the market for a BMW and I will be happy to provide a clear, concise and transparent quote!

Dave Townsend
Internet Client Advisor
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Thank you @BMW_Dave!


Thanks Dave !!

Nice to see they improved the RV on the 19 I3’s - but it would still not lease well due to the extravagant pricing.
Can you please let me know what would be the RV for 24/30 mo VS 36. is it 64?

It’s in the OP but here it is again…

  • For 12k miles subtract 1%
  • For 15k miles subtract 3%
  • For 30 months add 3%
  • For 24 months add 6%
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Damn, the 540i is very appealing now. Hopefully the lease support stays this high until the end of this year.

dang that $5500 on a 2019 X6 could result in some great numbers :open_mouth:, it’s is making me consider getting rid of my 5 series early

I can’t believe there is $2000 loyalty cash on a 2019 3 series, aren’t they due out March 2019 @BMW_Dave?

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how much realistically to get off msrp on X6 '19?

Dave you out of the office sent you a couple emails…

I’m not sure, but I expect at least 12-13% off before incentives. I don’t think dealers are motivated enough to give anymore since $5500 lease cash + $1000 loyalty/conquest is very generous AND 2020 x6 has not hit lots. However, I did a rough estimate for a well equipped x6 s35i and you’re looking at $613/month with $2k (DAS) + $4550 MSDs (Max at 7) for a 68k car. That in my opinion is a pretty solid deal

Of course I can be bat shit crazy and dealers aren’t giving that much off.

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So I am not too far off… I was thinking the same thing… That means that there 2 people who are bat shit crazy :wink:

Please send again. I’m 2-3 days behind with the end of the month followed by the move to an all new dealership (everything is new) which of course is taking time to adjust and get all the kinks out. New computers, new phones, new printers, new website…everything. :anguished:

Any way to get filter by model back on the loaner section?

I like how the 2019 3 series residual is the same as the 2018, shows you how the residuals don’t have anything to do with reality.


It’s still there. Just a different layout…