BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 5/8/2019


I apologize in advance, but I couldn’t find the answer to this. Do the regional incentives vary based on the buyer’s location, or the dealer? For example, if I’m in Tennessee trying to buy a car in California, would I get the Tennessee region incentives or Cali?


Varies by manufacturer but for BMW it is based on dealer location.


Gotcha! I never would have realized that. Feel kinda bad for some dealers, it can be a significant handicap with out of state buyers.


I’m not going anywhere and this thread will continue to be updated on a monthly basis. :sunglasses:


I’m continuing to get and read (online) conflicting info on stacking Group Fleet discount with lease credit cash.

Does anyone have any additional details on this?

Some dealership don’t even seem to be aware fleet is back?


Corp Fleet is a specified discount off MSRP and it is different on every model. It cannot be combined with any Lease / APR, Conquest or Loyalty Credits. It is also NOT available to customers who currently own a BMW or have owned one in the last 12 months.

Dealerships do not have access to the list of approved companies either. Customers must apply for the Corporate Sales Program (CSP) claim certificate via their employee benefits web portal and present the certificate at time of purchase or factory order. They must also provide a recent paycheck stub from within the last 30 days along with a copy of their vehicle registration.

Now you can see why I haven’t been talking about it.

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I believe you are wrong. For BMW, it is my understanding that it depends on the consumer’s zip code of registration.


No it’s by the dealership.


Incentives/Rebates are based on dealer location. Tax is based on registered address.

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Is fleet back this month? Also can you use m gruppe discount along with other incentives and bmw cca?


I stand corrected but that is what happened on my two deals with out of state (out of region) dealers in 2016 and 2017.

BMW lease credits - are they based on garaging location?

This sounds hilarious. I can’t imagine how they would verify you own a BMW (if it’s not financed through BMWFS)


@bmw_dave, it’s also worth noting that it’s only for the employee + not for other members of the household, correct?


That’s correct. The name on the paycheck stub and CSP claim certificate must match the name of the purchaser. And just so everyone knows, as an example: On a 2018 330i lease, the discount would be $4k off MSRP for Corporate Fleet. It’s a decent discount for someone that isn’t leasehacking and just discovered that they get special pricing through their employer. But when you take away the $3,500 lease credit that would accompany a normal deal…you can see why I won’t be talking it up.


Yup it is a far cry from the old program in 2016 etc @BMW_Dave


I’m looking at a new 2018 328d with an MSRP of about $51K. Flirting with the idea of leasing this and would like to know what the Jan 2019 residual / money factors are? Location is 32174.



The numbers at this link will show RV + MF for all cars for Jan, and are national. Lease cash is regional so confirm with BMW’s website for your area.



Can we expect the February BMW numbers soon? Thanks a mil for what you guys do!


Not till sometime tomorrow