BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 3/1/2019



@GAngellBMW is that agreement? haha


Corporate fleet website is back online but it’s not clear if the discounts are for both lease or purchase.


Has anyone seen any New Car Program for the G20 - loyalty credit etc.?


What is the current lease credit for a 2018 340i x drive? Based on BMW’s website it says $4000, some dealers seem to use $4000 when giving quotes others use $3000.

One dealer said it’s only $3000 in lease credit if you don’t have BMW loyalty, with loyalty it adds $1000 making it the quoted $4000 on their site.


Scroll up to Dave’s post from four days ago and it’s all spelled out in great detail.


How the hell did I miss that!? lol thank you

SO would what he posted be the same for NY?


lease credits are regional. loyalty seems to be uniform.


Gotcha, anyway to check what the lease credit for NY is?



When I go to offers / specials and type in my Zip, then scroll down to the 340i x drive, it says $4000 lease credit. I assume that is NOT including loyalty correct?


If it includes loyalty it will say so.


Great thanks, I assume you mean in that fine print / detail section. Nothing about loyalty in there.

Does the residual for Loaner 3 series cars drop from 61 percent? Most dealers have quoted me 58, I have one quote a little over 56% due to the miles? I know cars OVER 5000 miles have a penalty, but I didn’t think the others did.

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Residual is adjusted for cars under 5k as well. Use the formula to calculate the residual. I have this saved in my notes from another poster who posted this a while back.

(Mileage - 500) x .25 = $ residual penalty

(% Base residual x msrp) - $ residual penalty = $ adjusted residual value

$ adjusted residual value / msrp = % adjusted residual"


It hasn’t been released yet so IDK how you’d expect to see a program. It won’t be pretty when it gets here though, that I can promise you. You won’t see it till March/April at the earliest.


Loyalty is regional. 750 in my neck of the woods for a 3er…Dave has 1k


Yes, I think loyalty is regional and lease credits are uniform?


both are regional. Most of the regions are the same, but there’s some discrepancies in there here and there so always best to check.


Is the return of the MSD program nationwide?


Yes 1010101010.