BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 3/1/2019



Looks like demos have full rebates now, 2k X5, 3250 X2


Thank you!


based on Edmunds forum, looks like 330 and 340 no longer have lease support.


That was the first time in the last couple years that has happened.


This is very incorrect, it depends on model. I did some of the best loaner deals last month…


What are you saying is incorrect? That BMW offered less lease cash on certain loaner models including the X5 last month? If I recall, you had a deal posted here last week showing $2,500 lease cash for a loaner which was 100% incorrect.

Not that you couldn’t get a good deal on a loaner relatively speaking (i.e. $600/month all in for a lower end one), but could get a better deal on a new X5 last month vs a loaner taking into account $1,500 extra lease cash, the BMW CCA rebate, and no reduced RV due to mileage.

I got a $67k new 3.5 xDrive for $589/month before taxes and the CCA rebate with no MSDs (NY dealer). You could certainly get close to that with a loaner, and sure people would easily pay $25+ more per month for a new car.


It depends on the model is what I said. The implication that ANY new bmw last month was only 25 bucks more than a new car… is nuts. I did screw up that ad on the X5, the 2500 should have been subtracted from the sales price making it 19% off and it was later sold at that price. Bmw 5,6,7,x1,x3 had crazy loaner specials last month, new couldn’t compete. I gathered this info from my 11 bmw deals last month.


I didn’t mean that there were no good loaner deals, rather the reduced lease cash could kill a loaner deal depending on the model. I did a ton of research on the X5 last month and that was pretty much the scenario but not up to speed on any models.

Taking the deal you mentioned, 19% off is pretty much as good as you are going to get on an X5 loaner as they are very popular. However last month you are leaving $3,350 on the table with a loaner ($1,500 lease cash, $850 net from CCA rebate, and approx $1k due to reduced RV from mileage) which is 5%+ of MSRP.

An aggressive dealer was giving 13-14% off a new one so you are getting almost the same discount after taking into account the 5% mentioned above, so a new one is no brainer in that situation.

Nothing really the dealer or a broker like yourself can do, just how BMW set it up for the month. To their defense, people (non-lease hackrs) are taking the X5 loaners with only a 15% or less discount, so they are still moving them.


That seems odd.


Incorrect. Lease support is alive and well. 60% for 36/10


I don’t think he was replying to your comment. He was replying to the comment that some 2018 models no longer have lease support.


Correct, I wasn’t replying to anyone, just sharing what I observed on that forum.


The post in question was my reply to you. He deleted his reply, as it was irrelevant.


Evan as of yesterday the guys on Edmunds are insisting lease support ended for the 340i and 330i, which doesn’t make any sense as you can see from BMW’s website they have $3000 lease cash for the 340i and $2500 for the 330i. I pointed that out and they still just respond that it’s over and done so they aren’t providing info on the 2018’s of those models.

Anywhere else to get residual info on those?



You can calc the residual yourself. Or just sit tight for @bmwdave. He will update.


Thanks. Didn’t think it was that simple!


:champagne: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! :confetti_ball:

Here’s the new programs for January 2019. Keynotes are as follows (please read to keep unnecessary questions to a minimum):

  • BIGGEST CHANGE…MSD’s are back for everyone!! - Max 7 MSD’s with a 5bps adjustment for each SD
  • MONEY FACTOR HAS INCREASED TO .00188 BUY RATE - .00153 with 7 MSD’s
  • A LOT OF REBATE CHANGES - Some good (green) and some bad (red). Please remember that these are the rebates in MY region. They may vary in other parts of the state/country.
  • NO MORE SALES SUPPORT ON SOME MY18! - If you don’t see it on the grid, there is no more sales support for that model.
    – FS Lease and FS Retail Loan = $250 (excludes i3)
    – Cash/Non-FS Funded = $1,000 (excludes i3)
    – i3 FS Lease is no longer available
    – i3 Cash & FS Retail Loan = $10,000
  • $1,000 OL Codes - These are actually only $500 from BMW NA and $500 from dealer contribution so please do not be surprised if you have grinded out a deal and then only get $500 for the OL Code even though it states $1,000 on the email. I haven’t seen a lot of these lately and most of them won’t validate unless they are from an actual Driving Event in the same general region (West for West and East for East)
  • RED on the grid denotes a change for the worse from last month
  • GREEN on the grid denotes a change for the better from last month
  • For RV adjustments and other unchanged programs (USAA, College Grad, etc) please refer to the OP

If you are ready to do something now or in the next couple days (don’t be that guy that’s going to lease in 2-3 months but want’s to know how it would look) please email me directly - I do not check PM’s - and if you don’t hear back within 48 hours don’t be too shy to send it again. Sometimes it helps to be at the top of my inbox.

OUT OF STATE INQUIRIES - Please submit any requests very soon. It takes about 1-2 weeks to completely process a deal for you so we don’t have the luxury of waiting until the 2nd half of the month.

Keep in mind that I try to give everyone unparalleled customer service and my undivided attention when they are here to finalize everything. I don’t have an assistant so I’m helping people with their test drives, paperwork and vehicle delivery at least once or twice a day as well. That is why, at times, it may take a day or two for me to get through my emails.

To save time and get a quicker response, please provide this information in your email request:

  • What stock # do you want from my inventory? Click Here
  • Have you had a BMW in your household in the last 12 months?
  • Do you have a different brand vehicle in your household?
  • Are you a USAA Member?
  • Have you received a degree in the last 24 months or are you eligible to in the next 6 months?

I try to get back to all emails before leaving for the night, but sometimes I’m with multiple appointments all day for days in a row. So again, if you are ready to do something (especially if you live in So Cal) just email me directly.

If you feel you have to call the dealership for some reason (or inquire online) please at least have the courtesy to ask for me. If I’m not available and one of my co-workers offers to help you, just let them know that you found me on leasehackr. Putting this information together takes a lot of time away from my sales and that is still the only way I provide for my family.

I’m able to do special things on new cars for this community so you’re only hurting yourself by being secretive and trying to just get random shopping numbers. As always, be transparent and I will typically beat any written offer on a new car. My Customer Reviews support this and are also evidence that no other Client Advisor will give you the same level of customer service.

Thanks again to all of you that are part of this awesome community!

Dave Townsend
Internet Client Advisor
BMW of Murrieta | 6-Time Center of Excellence


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I am in process of assuming a short term lease with MSDs to qualify for more discounts (MSDs, Loyalty) but it seems that my move will earn me only Loyalty with the MSD change.


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