BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 3/1/2019



Also looks like rebates were slashed, at least in my area (MD).


Looks like 328 and 330 models (except for the 330e) were cut to $3500 from $4000 lease credits.


320i is only 3k vs 3500 for the 330i in my neck of the woods.


Any new X2 numbers for NJ region?


Go to, click the deals and incentives link, and click the x2. Will show lease cash available. Click on the x2, and find the MSRP + Lease end cost in their sample deal, divide them together and find the RV for 36/10k. Add 6 points for 24 months and subtract 1 point for 12k.

BMW is very easy to figure out.


Right, that’s why I mentioned only the 328d and 330 models, except for the 330e.



X2 s/xDrive-3250
18 X5 s/xDrive35i-2k
18 X535d/50i-3500
18 X5e-5250
18/19 5 Series-1k


seems like loyalty is down to $1500 from last month’s $2000 for i3.
MF go up a bit but now they do up to 5 MSD for SoCal. MSD is back!


MSD only for people who are returning a car and did MSDs and want to roll it over, right? I was told I can’t do MSD because I’m not returning my current car/rolling over the MSD from that car.


Confirmed returned for the west coast.


now is for everyone! starting from today!


any lease credit for M cars? Played around on the bmw website and it looks like the M3 residual is back up to 61% for 36/10k, but I didn’t see any lease credit listed.


61% Residual 36/10k 3500 Rebate


you’re a legend, thanks! :slight_smile:


do these incentives apply to loaners as well?


This questions has been answered at least a million times, maybe a billion. Literally, ever BMW thread has answered this.

I could just give you the answer here, but that would beat the point I’m trying to make and end this vicious cycle of not looking up information and just asking the same questions over and over again.

A little help, incentives apply to loaner vehicles with less than X miles. Good luck finding the value of X, probably will take you 10 seconds on LH.


You are actually not 100% correct. Sometimes BMW offers lower lease cash on loaners for popular models. For example, X5 loaners last month only had $1K lease cash vs $2,500 for a new one.


I think you’re referring to corp fleet incentive (and regional OL codes)? As far as I know, those are the only ones that differ. All other incentives apply to both new and loaners.


No, loaners. It may be rare but does happen. BMW Dave mentioned it in this thread last month. Killed any loaner deal vs. new unless you were getting 20%+ off.


Britten is correct. Last month, both the X2 and 330 we leased had $1k less than new. So there is no easy blanket answer on loaner incentives.