BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 3/1/2019



@BMW_Dave - Just sent an email on Stock #190599.


I think the residual for 36/10k for the MY18 5 series is 60%, not 61%. Can anyone confirm? Thanks!


61% is correct according to BMWUSA


Sweet! Math works for me, too. Guess Bimmerpost was wrong. Thanks again!


The 19s are 60%, but 18s are 61%; go figure…


Bmw residuals have NOTHING to do with reality, and everything to do with sales goals.


Is it possible to confirm east coast (NJ) lease incentives on a loaner 2018 3-series? We have a bimmer and Alfa, so either conquest or loyalty, whichever is better.


Almost positive you lose the extra grand on the loaner. Someone in DMV lost it.


Yes, someone in NC posted they got $3k+$750 loyalty vs the $4k+$1k loyalty for new, but I’d like to confirm for my region.


Same for Florida, you lose $1k. Loyalty was also $750 here


Was only planning on leasing a new car for myself, but ended up getting another one for the wife last week with @BMW_Dave. Can’t recommend him enough. Nice guy, no BS. I probably could have grinded out a small savings if I scoured every socal dealer, but frankly I value my time more than that and would rather give my business to Dave. Proud owner of a new 2019 530e and X3!


Is there any good dealer reps on here on east coast? Looking for x4 or 5 series to lease before end of the year as our car was totaled


Reach out to @nyclife - he is a solid guy.


FYI, loyalty remains $1k on a loaner here in NJ. I got a total of $4k incentives.


Just a quick heads up to everyone. I am off the next two days so I will update this thread with the new grid for Jan 2019 when I return. I come back on Sat so it may be Sunday before I get to it but I’m sure that people will be chiming in before then with what they have seen or read online.

So again, please don’t go crazy. The new grid should be up before the weekend is over.


Enjoy your time off…well deserved!

I wish this sentence could be stickied…Guarantee someone is asking tomorrow morning at 9AM EST “anyone have the numbers for January?” lol :rofl:


You da man, Dave. Here’s hoping X3 M40i has $15k lease cash for January :rofl:


Vacation for you Dave, is that legal? :rofl::rofl:


New BMW program is out and MSDs are back!

5 points (0.00005) for each security deposit (max of 7). Rate may not go below floor of 0.00005.

BMW Money Factor and Co-Signing

Looks like new money factor is .00188, MSD are back for West Coast (Max 5)