BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 3/1/2019



Michael, the BMW Conquest Rebate is good as long as you have ANY other brand of vehicle registered to your household. It can be a Lexus, Audi, Ford, Bentley or Yugo. :joy: And it does not have to be leased or financed.


Hi Dave - I am looking for a lease on a loaner (preferably). I am not picky about the model / color / options etc - just looking for a good deal :slight_smile: Please PM me. (I am in NorCal but can come to SoCal).

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Hi Dave,

Looking to lease 330e or 540e, please pm me if you have any good deals, I have other bmw leased now, so you can apply the loyay


hi DaVE,
im LOOKING TO LEASE A x1 or X2 any suggestions?


Are college grad and USAA transferable within the household? My girlfriend qualifies for both, I don’t personally. Thanks!


Dave, I just want to say thank you, again. I’m OBSESSED with my 530e and even happier with my payment. Anyone here who is hesitating to move forward, just do it. I’ve been in sales for over 15 years and can confidently tell you that Dave is the real deal. He is not a stereotypical “car salesman” and will take great care of you. The whole process from start to finish was a BREEZE. I had been going back and forth between Sterling, Crevier, Irvine, and Long Beach BMW and none of them could touch what Dave got me off the bat, and I had a referal relationship with the manager at Irvine BMW. I told Dave what I wanted and he delivered without any struggle. That’s very rare in any form of sales. Save yourself the headache and don’t bother with other dealers.


And that payment is? DAS? MSRP? Term?


Yes, details please!


This seems like a great deal:

Looks like 18% off MSRP?


What’s going to be the monthly payment and the down Payment?


I spy 5 used i8’s :drooling_face:


It was traded in. Not a loaner. :slightly_frowning_face:


I’ve always wondered why someone would buy a car only to trade it after a month/1k miles. They’ve gotta be taking a bath unless they got an insane discount at inception.


The reasons you run into in this business sometimes is mind boggling.

You want to… what? Are you sure? OK…


I assume that it’s someone with enough money to where they just don’t care about getting hosed. Either that or they have no brains.


I think that’s known as more dollars than sense, no?


Precisely 20202020


@BMW_Dave , sent you an email. Mainly looking for a 330e but also considering X1.


Hi Dave
Could you advise as to how much lease credit there is for an X5 40e loaner
Do they qualify for the full $5250?