BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 3/1/2019



can vary by region.


Hi Dave, I think there is still an open question of whether BMW still applies incentives (lease credits, e-credits, college grad, USAA, OL, etc.) for loaners/demos/exec cars after December. Can you chime in when you get a chance? Thanks!


Interesting, a lot of these rebates we actually had in the north in prior. So I guess they are just getting to the west.


Damn. Numbers look good and I’m in the market right now, but nothing in the Murrieta stock of what I’m looking for. I’ll check everyday in case something comes in.


X2 is not fun, just a design. I’ve bailed on it.


Yes here at our store loaners/demo/exec get all the rebates (lease credit, loyalty, conquest, college grad, USAA and OL Code…NOT CCA) but there are a few models that have a lesser lease credit. For instance, the lease credit on a 2018 X5 35i is now $2,500 but on a loaner it is still $1,000.

We pretty much have to do a VIN lookup on each quote so unfortunately there’s no way I can list each one specifically.


Thanks for the 411. Good luck this month!


Hi Dave, I’m working a deal on an X6 and I qualify for loyalty and college grad. My dealer is telling me I only get 4k in rebates. They are saying loyalty is included in the lease credit. Is this true or should I be getting 5k in rebates. Thank you!


What didn’t you like about it?


Weak, small, overpriced for the features it has. What BMW is selling us is just the look. M35i version is more fun, but still dashboard looks outdated, and even then $50k? I would wait for Audi Q3 in march to pay less for better packaged / designed car, although Audi and BMW design languages are different, but there is more value in Q3.


Any 2018/19 X3 lease deal going on?


Sad but good to know. Thanks for the reply.


I disagree. We love our X2 M sport. It is a cut above in its looks. The interior is vintage BMW of this era. It drives very confidently. Fits car seats for our kids. Even the base radio sounds awesome. For context, we have two other top-of-the-food-chain BMWs in the driveway. If there is a deal to be had, get one from Dave on an X2.


@Electrifi38, @leshkanyc, this isn’t the thread to be discussing your opinions on cars. Take it into PM or open a new thread.


I revised my post to address your concern. Dave is a great resource. Thanks.


Thanks for updating the dec info. I didn’t see the 19 m550 on the chart. Are the incentives and residual the same as the 540?


M550i fits into the ‘5 series’ categories. (530/540)



Hi Dave I have a son that just graduated college and is interested in leasing a BMW three series. We have a four series lease in the household and a Costco member, if that helps. Do you have any service loaners in your fleet? I am in Chino Hills California, so where is your dealership?



Can you please email me directly? I’ve been on the East Coast for the last five days so hopefully you haven’t done anything yet.


Anyone know the requirements for BMW conquest? Is it for lessees of competitive brands only, or owners as well? Does, say, a Chevrolet count?