BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 3/1/2019



With the exception of MF, you can already find the numbers over at BMWUSA. You don’t HAVE to wait.

Edit, in my region, nothing changed with regard to Residual/Rebates…the unknown being MF.


BMWUSA shows “no offers” in the 3-4 regions I checked on east coast, midwest, and west coast. There is a headline banner on the X1 but nothing on 3 series, 5 series, etc. Strikes me as odd that BMW would do zero lease support on 2018s in December but its possible. Guess I’ll wait for Dave’s confirmation.


They are updating then…you’ll have to be patient. My region stayed exactly the same as last month.


“Be patient” Sorry, I don’t understand the meaning :grinning:


Some good things coming…especially on MY18 3ers and X5!! The grid is updated and I’m working on my post now…


Emailed you last night Dave! Looking forward to it.


I’m always curious to see how our regional rebates will differ this year. :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Looks like 18 3, X2, and X5 got more rebate!


:christmas_tree: HAPPY DECEMBER EVERYONE!! :christmas_tree:

Here’s the new programs for December 2018. Keynotes are as follows (please read to keep unnecessary questions to a minimum):




  • MY19 530i and 540i residual dropped 1% but 530e stayed the same


  • $1,000 OL Codes - These are actually only $500 from BMW NA and $500 from dealer contribution so please do not be surprised if you have grinded out a deal and then only get $500 for the OL Code even though it states $1,000 on the email. I haven’t seen a lot of these lately and most of them won’t validate unless they are from an actual Driving Event in the same general region (West for West and East for East)

  • RED on the grid denotes a change for the worse from last month

  • GREEN on the grid denotes a change for the better from last month

  • For RV adjustments and other unchanged programs (USAA, College Grad, etc) please refer to the OP

If you are ready to do something now or in the next couple days (don’t be that guy that’s going to lease in 2-3 months but want’s to know how it would look) please email me directly - I do not check PM’s - and if you don’t hear back within 48 hours don’t be too shy to send it again. Sometimes it helps to be at the top of my inbox.

OUT OF STATE INQUIRIES - Please submit any requests very soon. It takes about 1-2 weeks to completely process a deal for you so we don’t have the luxury of waiting until the 2nd half of the month. If you want an end of the year deal, we need to act quickly!

Keep in mind that I try to give everyone unparalleled customer service and my undivided attention when they are here to finalize everything. I don’t have an assistant so I’m helping people with their test drives, paperwork and vehicle delivery at least once or twice a day as well. That is why, at times, it may take a day or two for me to get through my emails.

To save time and get a quicker response, please provide this information in your email request:

  • What stock # do you want from my inventory? Click Here
  • Have you had a BMW in your household in the last 12 months?
  • Do you have a different brand vehicle in your household?
  • Are you a USAA Member?
  • Have you received a degree in the last 24 months or are you eligible to in the next 6 months?

I try to get back to all emails before leaving for the night, but sometimes I’m with multiple appointments all day for days in a row. So again, if you are ready to do something (especially if you live in So Cal) just email me directly.

If you feel you have to call the dealership for some reason than at least please have the courtesy to ask for me. If I’m not available and one of my co-workers offers to help you, just let them know that you found me on leasehackr. Putting this information together takes a lot of time away from my sales and that is still the only way I provide for my family.

I’m able to do special things on new cars for this community so you’re only hurting yourself by being secretive and trying to just get random shopping numbers. As always, be transparent and I will typically beat any written offer on a new car. My Customer Reviews support this and are also evidence that no other Client Advisor will give you the same level of customer service.

Thanks again to all of you that are part of this awesome community!

Dave Townsend
Internet Client Advisor
BMW of Murrieta | 6-Time Center of Excellence


What rebates bmw has now?

What is an OL Code and where do you get one?


thanks dave! Damn no i3 buildout $2k


Dave – thank you for your time and effort in putting this together!

In regards to the lease credits for the X5 –

I just got off the phone with a dealership in Fairfax and they were telling me that BMW dropped lease credit support for loaners. I pushed him and asked was he sure and he said yes, direct from his manager. Any thoughts? Was he just gassing me to get rid of a bottom dollar sale?


If I got a dealer-specific OL code from one of those email invites last month, can it be applied to other dealers? For example can an OL from an OC dealership be used with Dave?


From my personal experience, yes it can be applied to any dealer. I received an OL code from Pacific BMW and was able to use it at a NY dealer. Just give them the code, the plug it in on their computer, and it spits out, $500 credit or $1000 credit depending on the dealer. The 2 dealers I’ve actually used them on both gave me $1000.


Not sure. Here in So Cal we’re ready to go.

Absolutely. If it validates with BMW NA than you can use it at any dealership.


Looking for a hacker deal on an X1 or X2 in the Philly area!


Lot of 2018 loaner X1s this time of the year that dealers want to unload…not too many loaner X2s, at least not in my area.

Mine signed a week ago was $10,500 off dealer side + $3,500 rebates for payments of $350/mo 36/10 or $362 36/12, both $0 down first month DAS.


This is great info! What an awesome website!


Great deal congrats!


Sorry if this is a stupid question, but is lease cash the same nation wide or varying by region w BMW?