BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 3/1/2019



The car is for my fiancee and we just checked her FICO and its 620. Any idea what tier that falls into and what MF should be now?


Does anyone know if conquest and loyalty are combinable? Or is it one or the other?


Almost always it’s either/or.


One or the other w/bmw


Why would you get both lol? For owning and not owning a bmw? :joy: sorry just thought that was funny


I actually wondered the same in the past. I forgot what brand but you used to be able to get both if you co-signed with someone who qualified for the other. It’s been a long time though


I just posted a very rare LH deal available on a New 2018 X5 for anyone that’s been waiting. Expires tomorrow.


Would you pm me the details?


And another Pre-Black Friday Lease Special just posted. On a 320i this time. Here’s links to both:

NEW 2018 BMW X5 - $556 + Tax w/only drive offs DAS

NEW 2018 BMW 320i - $269 + Tax w/only drive offs DAS

Feel free to email me directly with a Stock # that you’re interested in if you’re available to come in tomorrow. We’re gonna go a little nuts for Saturday. :wink:


I notice USAA isn’t available on those. Is USAA dealer contribution vs Corporate?


How does carryover of MSDs work if lease turn in isnt due for a few weeks?

**SOLD** NEW 2018 BMW 320i - $243 + Tax w/only drive offs DAS - BLACK FRIDAY DEAL!

Below is from the ad. If you aren’t turning in your lease at the same time, you probably can’t do the MSD rollover.


That’s correct. The transfer has to happen within 24-48 hours of the new lease contract. But it gets messy if you’re not doing it all at once or returning your lease to a different store than the one you’re getting the new car from. Too many ways for errors to happen.


Hey there - for LOYALTY discount… does it matter if it’s an old BMW? Thanks


Hey there - for LOYALTY discount… does it matter if it’s an old BMW? Thanks

I can answer this one. No, any BMW. Salesguy grumbled about registration from my 1988 E30 but it works just fine (and though old is much nicer than a lot of newer ones).


What he said… :wink:


I would be at minimum 18% off the selling price on a loaner.


Is that a standard? Is it a realistic percentage I can toss at them?


Why is tax on 1000 cap reduction 2000?


You should’ve opened up your own thread on this in “ask the hackers” instead of hijacking someone else’s. This really isn’t the thread to ask these questions.