BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 3/1/2019



Doesn’t BMW normally do increased incentives/holiday cash now/December?


Wait until March


I see that a 30 month lease adds 3% to RV, but that is for 10k miles, 12k miles on a 36 month lease subtracts 1% from RV, so would a 30 month 12k miles lease add 2% instead of 3%?


Add 3% to get a 30/10k lease and then subtract 1% from there to adjust for 12k miles.

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Email him @Armanm5. Costco and BOA employment get you nothing now…corporate fleet suspended


Don’t even bother emailing. If you do, don’t expect an answer. You’re asking for the impossible on a 5 series these days, unless you’re looking to put money down. 480 tax included won’t happen with 0 OOP.


480 won’t even get you into a 340 thats decently loaded

330i for 480 probably and even an X2…maybe x3 if you got mad skillz

if were going loaners then it makes things much easier


It would take a base model, no extra options 5 series demo/loaner with 20% discount with current programs to come close. Unicorn indeed.


Can anyone confirm if these incentives are different regionally? Dealer in Mass just told me that the ‘18 X6 lease cash is only 2k instead of 3k. Also said thier MF markup is also fixed regionally which seems like total BS.


All programs are regional.


It’s really easy to find out your regions program. Go to Go to offfers enter your zip code and rebates (not loyalty) will be displayed for lease and buy.


Thanks I was looking at that last night. Did not realize at least in NE that things vary state by state.

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BMWFS doesn’t want to take the hit on them at term due to the subverted rates they’d have to apply to make the lease attractive. Makes perfect sense from their standpoint. If you were them, would you want to lose thousands on each car being returned? Someone will eventually purchase them.

In fact, all of the captives slowly start ending lease support on older models when new ones begin coming in. This is about the time of year that begins to happen. Some drag them out more than others. This isn’t anything new.


Maybe those considerations could be posted in a new thread or a PM. Sorry @leshkanyc but this kinda got off topic. And @mp11477 I do appreciate the advice you give to the folks here! It is very accurate based on real world deals and not some of the garbage that people spew out here (i.e. You shouldn’t waste your time unless is 20%+ on a loaner) :dizzy_face::gun:


All good my friend!


Are MF the same across US? Fields in Orlando FL telling me it’s 0.0022 on 2019 x3 and that they are not marking it up.


Yes, MF is national. Are you Tier 1?


Nope they are marking it up. Tier 2 starts at .0023. Fl sucks, if you can get to Atlanta or have the car shipped you will be probably be better off.