BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 3/1/2019



2 years ago in October when the new 5 series came out, I got 72% for the 535, for 24/12k.
Payment for the loaner was $377. I shed a tear when I returned that beauty couple of weeks ago


So hopefully when the 3 series comes out, they will jack up the RV again.


is USAA $500 good on the i3 lease or its only $10k for purchase?


Can you combine:

  1. BMCCA
  2. Loyalty
  3. USAA
  4. Dealer Lease Credit


Actually, the '17 X3 had a 70% rv for 24 months from Sept 2016 to the end of lease support in Mar of 2017, so the bump wasn’t actually related to the redesign. I wouldn’t expect this same bump for the 18s when the 19s roll out in volume.


Can’t combine USAA with CCA


as of July you can.


When using the calculator, are any of the incentives under un-taxed?
Loyalty, $500 USAA, College Grade, Ol Code, $7500 lease credit - all taxed?


I think CA is taxed, but not sure. Would be dependent on how your state handles tax on rebates.


Where can I get the OL code, is something you have to sign up ?


Does this mean we can put in an order for the upcoming Z4 now? :smiley:


what brands qualify for conquest for a bmw?


Is there anyone else out there patiently waiting on an i3 lease to drop below $200 in southern california? I think conquest or costco has to get stacked on the current deal for it to work. Targeting $150, hopefully something comes in for black Friday or holiday deals, but the trend is sales look strong and interest is going up so maybe next year?


Hasn’t Costco gone away?


Yup…USAA is still alive if you qualify


It could be 400/mo next year for all we know. Supply/demand/economy/etc all play into it.


BMW Dave,
I am interested in leasing a 320I in Orlando FL, is it possible to get one with payments between 250-300? Looking for 36months, and I can put money down but rather not put too much. How can I go about this?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions


Thanks, Dave. I realize it’s an inexact science but historically, do programs generally stay identical from Nov to Dec as it’s the winter event, or do they sometimes change?


I emailed BMWCCA and they said that after July one can combine USAA and the BMWCCA credit.


Black Friday “sales” are BS and all marketing. Most holidays “deals” are nothing special either. Just because a holiday occurs doesnt automatically mean an amazing deal is possible