BMW New build prices

I am curious what is the best you can expect as far as a discount off MSRP on a new build BMW? I am now interested in a new build of a 430i Coupe but I’m not really sure how aggressive I should be in negotiating. I qualify for the Corporate Fleet Program which is $1500 off and .00020 off the MF. The build I am looking at is MSRP 52750. What would be the best I can expect? Any advice would be great!

Check this post our - 56 k car for 46k, custom ordered

That’s not a massively optioned 430i…is it the color combo or some other reason you have not been able to find it on dealer lots?

If you are going to custom order, have you thought about either European Delivery or Performance Center Delivery?

Hi Max, I haven’t been able to find the exact one. I found one that was similar but didn’t have the HK sound package. It seems like the packages I want is just a hard combo to find in Alpine White. I do have 2 sales guys (one in CA and one in OR) checking incoming inventory, so inmight get lucky. If I did need to get a build, what is the best I can can expect off MSRP before incentives? As far as Euro delivery, I read up about that but doubt I can get enough time off now to make a trip. Not familiar with the performance delivery though

Honestly I don’t know…I see some wildly optimistic posts on these forums sometimes. Depends on your local market – call at least 3 and see how much they’re willing to discount a custom order.

OTOH it’s possible you could find something more loaded and still pay the same/similar given their incentives to clear inventory from their lots.

So I did find one that has everything I want with the added track handling package. Let me break down this deal, let me know what you guys think.
2017 430i Coupe
MSRP 54845
Sale price 45870
MF .00114 after 7 MSD .00065
Aquisition Fee 925
Doc Fee 699
Title and Registeation 400 (will be rolled into the monthly though)
Taxes 7.95%

10k/36 would be $434month and with taxes $469 with 4700 at signing, 3500 would be MSD
15/36 would be $479/month with taxes $517 with $5000 at signing, $3850 would be MSD

What do you guys think?