BMW MY2018 lease support question


This may be a stupid question but I am going to ask it anyway. I keep reading in this forum and elsewhere that the lease support for BMW 3 series will be ending at the end of this month for the model year 2018.

When the month ends what does that mean? Will there not be as good of deals from BMW in those cars or will they stop being offered for lease?

As you’ve been reading, MY2018 BMWs will not be available to lease after the end of this month. You can still purchase them.

I’m not sure what this means for me… I was going to try to sublease my 3 Series will that make it easier?

What do you mean by sublease?

Sorry I meant I am going to try to transfer my lease to someone as soon as I find that someone

Whatever you do with you current lease has nothing to do with lease support.

The lease support aka (special lease offers) for MY18 is for current retail customers.