BMW MSRP discount - is it nonexistent in this economy?


Is asking for 10% off MSRP still reasonable for a brand new vehicle or 17-20% off for a loaner? It was reasonable back in good old days (2020). I have talked to several dealers in my area and all were playing hard to get with the MSRP discount, even for loaners.

Edit: I’m looking at 330i and 530i models.

What model?

Have you checked the broker and dealer listings in the Marketplace section or completed a search in the Share Deals or Ask the Hackers section? That’s a great place to do some research and get a basis for forming a strategy.
What model are you looking for will also impact the discount. Knowing how BMW changed the loaner program will also help in your search.

I’m looking at 330i or 530i.

We’ve got you covered.


Slowly getting there

6-9% depending on model

10-11% on something like a 740 or 840

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Yep, I have been researching those topics but not much has been posted on BMWs recently.

Just gotta look in the right place my friend, we’ve been blowing the lid off sedans for years. Even during the shortages.

Are you sure? BMW is probably the most advertised brand on LH.


Probably even more so than Jeep!

The discount is only 1/4 of the story. The remaining 3 (incentives, MF and RV) are nowhere near the good ol’ days.

NTM no one should be capitalizing tax on selling price every 3 years. Aside from having a Time Machine to go back to 2020 era deals.

I believe 8 to 10% off is achievable on those cars. Have you checked out broker deals in the Marketplace?


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