BMW M850 Gran Coupe

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New to LH and appreciate all the info I’ve been reading. You guys are great.
I’m in NJ and have been considering the above GC (840 Msport is ok too). I’m aware they’ve been poorly promoted, expensive and apparently not selling well - but damn pretty. What is a reasonable MSRP discount I should I expect pre-incentive? First dealer I’ve spoken to casually, didn’t blink when I mentioned 14% off. I’m aware of the current May promo of 2 months paid lease if delivery is taken by June 1. It’s difficult to find much on the GC’s on the forums.
I’m not in a lease return situation but thinking it’s time think about something besides this virus.

@kdm1230 posted a great deal he’s willing to pass along.

Edit: Sorry, his was a convertible, not GC.

That’s exactly the post that got me going!

The search function does work. I just found @nextlevelautobrokers has a new one listed at 14.5% off.


Be very very sure that you and the dealer are on the same page if you’re talking before or after incentives.

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Thanks - much appreciated and missed the listing mentioned

I was able to get 11% off before incentives down in Texas for my 840GC. Came in hot at 17% on initial ask, LOL, dealer didn’t block my email but came back with something we could work with. Was able to also take advantage of tax incentives, which shaved off another $5k or so; buy-rate MF, Loyalty and PenFed. Likewise wasn’t finding any posts on GC deals on here, so used other 8 series deals as a starting point. Hope this helps. PM if you’d like to discuss further.

You’re lucky. That far out in left field is a great way to earn a one way trip to the spam folder.

I can do 14-15% off of an instock unit!


I think at this time of the year, it is going to be difficult to find a deal on 2020 GC.
The deal I worked on is 2019 and this dealership was the only dealership that I was able to find who would discount the car that deep. It did take over a month of work though.
Good luck!

What was your pre-incentive/pre-trunk money discount?

Moses - really appreciate the input. When I had a brief convo with a dealer going through a rebuild of the entire dealership a la BMW Corporate, I said, “BMW is really giving these things away“ (yeah, right). He just smiled and nodded in agreement, which is when I mentioned 14% off and he was good there - but they have no inventory…so I guess I’m in the ballpark. I’m super impressed with the people on this forum. The car must be sweet but I want to drive one! Now I just need to narrow down the wish list so as not to waste anyone’s time.

I’d recommend doing a bit more research into finding out how much trunk money is on these right now. Them being that willing to take 14% without hesitation, that’d suggest a decent amount of money sitting on these. 14% pre-incentive isn’t too far away from what you should be able to get without any trunk money.

Also, be very very very very very sure that the dealer and you are both talking pre-incentive vs post-incentive.

Im pretty sure my local BMW dealer has blackballed me :slight_smile: But, it is easy to get blackballed by them (as no joke…they think like 4-5% off a 4500 mile 3 or 4 series loaner is a great deal). Its happened so many times I dont even bother inquiring with them anymore (and the dealership is seriously like 10 minutes from my house).

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Yuppers…because of how the game is played, immediate agreement by the dealer (unless they are your uncle), probably means the price is too high.

If I had a dollar for the number of times I’ve seen “my uncle/neighbor/friend gave me this amazing deal” on an absolutely atrocious deal…

HAHAHAHHAA! Maybe the deal needs to be directly from ones mother to be considered “amazing”???

It’s actually kinda sad to think that people are going to a trusted family member/friend and being taken for a ride.

It is…and its why this website exists probably :frowning:

I am not really aware of another common consumer market where there is such a disconnect between the buyer and seller (as far as the information behind the sales process) than buying a car. Apparently, we all want it this way (I believe it was Saturn that tried to change it but we are all so used to feeling “ripped off” by dealers that a fixed price just never caught on).

Happy to help. There isn’t a whole lot of inventory down in Texas, so super happy with the deal I got. Was in talks with a broker for another unit I liked (except I hated the wheels), but they were offering the same discount I was able to get on my own, but with a marked up MF!! You really can make something happen by yourself if you do the research. I’ve been studying deals and strategies on this forum since December 2019.

It is a great car! I smile every time I look at it and enjoy driving it. It also is a head turner. Not a car that you see often riding around in my area. One of my best friends, who lives in LA, just picked up an M8 GC yesterday in Dravit. It is a gorgeous beast! Can’t wait to go visit so I can experience the 600HP, LOL!!