BMW M8 Convertible - $1666 with $7754 DAS includes GA tax and fees. ($1724 + Tax + First Payment) MSRP $157,195

I need to move a launch edition M8 Convertible. Please see the link below. This deal is currently built using Georgia taxes. This is a 36/10 deal.

Looks like a Hepa car??

ha. pretty much

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Been trying to find a Hepa car for a client. Any idea how to know for sure if one qualifies?

It is. And the rebate is included in this deal. Total rebates on this car are $8,000 including loyalty.

Sick car. Love that color

Lemme know if your buyer is interested. We’re ready to move this one.

i have the same car in stock, he didnt want it.

Not a problem

What is a hepa car?

HEA. It’s one of the launch cars we have. They are getting a special rebate that’s for the dealer but i guess some dealers could give it up if they want

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