BMW M550i Lease

Hi there,
some please help with my quote: 12k/36mo 90058
MSRP $78840
Selling $71185
MF 0.00145
RV 59%
DAS $2000
$783 before tax.
every calculator I use shows less than that.
where are they marking up?
thank you

Any incentives in the deal or are they playing the “incentives are part of the discount” card?

Deal sheet?

Show your calculations. I bet you entered something wrong.

$4250 incentives.
I am using a excel file that looks like the car dealership uses. this show $722

Check the dealer/doc fees however it shouldn’t make that much of a difference

I just added 650 and shows 737

Post a quick LH calc link and also a dealer lease sheet

LH cal.
LH calculator shows way less

Put up the dealersheet so we can see what’s going on

Your putting 6250 as cash down? Or incentives?

they didn’t send the lease sheet. I got my quote by text. 6250 is including 4250 incentive and 2000 drive off

This is what I’m getting with everything inserted properly

Around 20 off so there adding 500-800 somewhere

Also are you sure tax rate is right (I didn’t check) but there might be luxury vehicle tax added on

I should ask for another 500 off. thank you for your time

Sounds like an MF markup to me.

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Hell, why not 1,500?

how can you find out?? Do I need the lease work sheet from the dealer? thanks

Yeah you need the worksheet, if you haven’t received one yet most likeley it is a MF mark up, there probably keeping you at .00165 which is last months MF

Insert .00165 into the MF box on the calc and it comes out to 782 pre tax

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Great! thank you for the info! will ask for the lease worksheet.