BMW M550i Lease Deal (Starting Phase)


Hi all,

I’m currently communicating with local dealer (Smithtown, Long Island to be exact) and she gave me this initial starting price.

MSRP $78,485.00
Sales price after $2,500 Discount: $75,985.00
Loyalty: $2,000
Rebates: $5,000
Total price: $68,985.00 (?)

She’s asking me she could move forward into monthly payment if I’m interested.

Here’s my additional plans/ thoughts:

  • Get the price down to $68000 (~13% off from MSRP)
  • Trade-in one of my cars Infiniti G37x (~$9,000 to $10,000) which will take another ~$10,000 off and comes down to ~$58,000.
  • After getting the price down to $58,000, then I will start negotiating with her on the monthly payment (and down payment).

Does anyone know if this is a good start? Is there anything else I should be aware of for 2019 BMW M550i?

Thank you

This sounds like a silly approach. So you want to negotiate a sales price, then when you agree to one, start negotiating again on the monthly payment? The monthly payment is based on the agreed upon sales price.

Putting a $10k down payment is also not advisable.


Thank you for the suggestion.

So should I be straight-forward with the sales price and then just let her work on the monthly payment?

And as for the trade-in, it was one of the cars that was no longer being driven by anyone else and we’d like to get rid of it. (2012 Infiniti G37x in mint condition)

Thank you.

I just picked up an M550 with a slightly higher msrp.

I thought this was a pretty good deal. Aim for more off the msrp.

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I think you need to read Leasing 101, because like @Jon said above, the monthly is based on the sales price. Sure, you’ll want to make sure they are using buy rate MF, but once you have a sales price locked in, there’s not really any other moving parts to get to the monthly payment, aside from applying MSDs to bring the interest rate down.

You could “move forward into monthly payment” at this point - use the calculator and plug in the necessary info to find out how much you’d be paying.

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There is $7k of manufacturer money in there, so your discount is not 13%. You need to negotiate that price down more before even getting to the incentives.

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Got it.
And wow! The one you got is sucha great deal!

Hi guys what do you think about this deal. What should I try to do to bring down the lease price?

You need to negotiate with more than just one dealer and outside LI


2019 m550 I with driving assistance plus, premium package 2, executive package, parking assistance package,

What have you already tried?

Replying from different account,
have not tried anything besides asking them for college graduate incentive

So then you need to learn the basics.

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sell your car separately and pocket the money - don’t put $10k on a lease. if you total the car you are out the 10k

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is there any recommended place where i could learn the basics?

what is your opinion on the deal?

I’d suggest you find a dealer not in NY since you can’t do MSD’s in NY.

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Well, for starters, it looks like this one is being sold to you at MSRP, the only discounts I see are rebates from the manufacturer. Honestly, I wouldn’t even negotiate with someone who insulted me with this kind of nonsense, but that’s me. For $1,100 a month with $5k DAS, I’ll be in an S550, not a 5 Series BMW.

There is a huge wealth of information on this forum, it took me about 3 hours to put the nuts and bolts together. I’ve always been an aggressive negotiator, now I know what goes into the sauce behind the doors. Is it worth 3 hours of reading to save $300-$400 a month over the next 36 months for you? My math shows it would be wise for an individual with that contract in front of them, making less than $9.98mm a year, to spend those 3 hours before continuing to negotiate.

Beyond the $0 dollar discount off of the MSRP, MF should be .00165, for starters.


@fh3985 and @skyakev as of right now its a horrible deal… 10k cap cost reduction not a good idea…do what @Azure said sell ur car pocket that cash… and negotiate ur sell price before incentive… never go into a dealer saying what u want your monthly to be. Just my opinion.

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