BMW M550: Take it or leave it?

Locked in an order on a BMW M550 back in February. The car is finally arriving in the next week or two. I am totally on the fence on whether or not to take the car.

The only certainty here is the money factor at .00123. I won’t be getting that again in the future if I pass on the car. The rest of the deal is the part I am not sure about.

Let me know what you all think, including the haters that are all over this site.

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What did you agree on when you ordered it?

That I could take the car on these terms whenever it arrived.

But that was back in Feb with gas prices in the high $3 range and lower interest rates. Things have changed since then and I thinking the market has softened on V8’s?

Not on that V8.

M550i isn’t a car we need to give away. I would take the deal if you want the car or consider a 530i if fuel cost is now an issue.

Nice work getting $2K off!


Is your question if people think a better deal is possible in the current market and you want to renegotiate or is your question if people think an m550 is worth $1200/mo?

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take that beast and dont look at the pump


You ordered a high powered V8 luxury sedan and are worried about gas?

If you can’t afford the gas, you can’t afford this car


It’s interesting because they literally gave away my 2019 M550. I got 15% off with incentives and was paying about $840 / month with tax and $0 at signing. And it wasn’t like there were a ton on the ground at the time either. In all of SoCal, there were 6 or 7 to choose from. Nobody wanted sedans and everyone wanted an SUV.

Seems like supply and demand isn’t all that different these days on these cars. Just interest rates and gas prices.

Then you should sign. Nothing has changed for the better, that’s for sure.


How in love with the car are you?

I bought a pre-LCI CPO about 18 months ago, and while I don’t necessarily regret it, the novelty wore off in less than 9 months of occasional use.

I don’t care about the gas costs. Don’t even look at the pump when I fill up.

I was pointing it out because it could be a contributing factor to the softening of demand on all V8’s. Thus opening the door to deals on cars that aren’t selling the future.

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Wondering if I can renegotiate if the market dynamics are starting to change.

Cotda#it, I have a 9mpg 6.2l supercharged HEMI but I am still going to b#tch about gas.


Im sure the dealer will be happy for you to walk away so they can sell it to someone else at a mark up.


We can all sit back and reminisce about the times when we could hold dealers over the barrel or we can accept the reality of today’s market.

I promise they’ll sell that car for list or better if you walk.

Take the deal or don’t, no feelings will be hurt.


Are you saying you can afford your car?

Yep. Just wanting to get the best deal possible and not be the sucker that pays the most or anywhere close to it.

I’m fine with the payments. Don’t need to worry about me.

If you weren’t okay with the numbers why did you order the car and agree to the terms 4 months ago?


Autonation dealer? Probably a fully marked up MF anyway. If you got $2k off and buy rate, that would seem like a decent deal at this point.

If you’re questioning the commercials of the deal… something to consider - has any car deal gotten better in the last 4 months?

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