BMW M340i loaner available in PNW


Hopefully this is allowed. If not please delete. I know the M340i is a popular lease around here and I recently found a loaner in the Seattle area, which in my experience is rare. Also rare is a decent discount at all from Seattle area dealers. I contacted this dealer and they went to 10% off MSRP relatively easily. I know it’s not amazing for LH standards on a loaner but it’s not bad for Seattle area. I didn’t ask for MF because I probably won’t go with the car but wanted to put this out there in case someone is interested. Please PM if so

Probably fully marked up, making this 8% pre-incentive on a loaner.

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Also not clear is whether this discount is pre or post incentive.


They didn’t start at invoice, so getting to ~14 shouldn’t require a chainsaw and a bath curtain.

BMW Seattle generally doesn’t go beyond 10% on a loaner. And yes, MF will be fully marked up.