BMW M340i Deal Check


I would love some feedback on the following lease offer:

New 2020 BMW 340i RWD (Not Loaner or Demo)

Msrp: $62,100
Incentives and rebates: $2,000 Loyalty?
Residual: 60%
Money Factor: 00118? (Dealer won’t give me this information)
Term: 36/10k
Sale Price: 54,000?
Region: Central FL
Leasehackr Calculator Score: 9
Monthly payment: $550/Month + Sales Tax

I don’t have a further breakdown of sell price, money factor, etc. Backing into the numbers using the calculator, it looks like roughly 13% off MSRP.

Is this a good deal? Should I try for more discount/lower payment?

If you can nail the numbers down from the dealer and it is 13% with base MF, you’ve done a good job in FL. Just watch out for the doc fee as they can get quite high.

This looks almost to good to be true in Florida. If this is your true deal with no more add ons I would sign now.

Yeah he needs to definitely confirm those numbers, because a dealer wouldn’t give those numbers out without a fight.

How do you see 13%?

Your calculator should be similar to this I’m guessing. Make sure to get the details from the dealer.

The lease incentive for May is $2,000 for Loyalty or $1,000 for conquest and those cannot be combined…that is my understanding. is there an additional $1,000 lease credit as well?

There is $1000 lease credit and $2000 loyalty.

got it. Thank you. I didn’t realize there is additional $1,000 lease credit. what % off MSRP or what monthly payment with only registration/tag fees, acquisition fee, and first payment due at signing would make this a great deal? what should i be shooting for?

If anyone has any feedback on what kind of monthly payment or % off MSRP to target for it to be a good deal. please let me know. Thanks.

I didn’t realize you had loyalty should have look closer. Regardless 11% off with buy rate is very good for Florida on this car You can push for 12% but this is a good deal.

% of MSRP is not a good way to evaluate a lease.

Fill out the LH calculator with the pre-incentive discount amount you’re looking at now, the lease terms from Edmunds, and the appropriate fees, and it’ll tell you what the price should be for your situation.

yes, understood. so plugging into calculator… is there a leasehackr score that i should be targeting for this specific car? Thanks.

Thanks. appreciate the feedback. wasn’t sure what kind of deals people are getting in general across the board for this car…just wanted to be able to evaluate if this is a good deal or what would make it a good deal.

Did you search? There are a ton of them, as a matter of fact I just bought this car last week in Florida and posted my deal.


To determine if it’s a good deal, your best bet is to compare your pre-incentive discount, adjusted for buy rate MF, against as many other comparable deals as you can find.

There isn’t some magic number that says if it’s a good deal or not.

got it. looked up your deal. nice car! how do you like it?

I have put on 400 miles in less than a week. I have never had a car put a smile on my face like this one.

ha, nice! glad to hear that. looking forward to doing the same!

They need to provide all the details, ask for a lease sheet/screenshot

You are welcome. Try 12% off before incentives with base MF and see how it goes.