Bmw M340 lease GO or RUN?

M.S.R.P.: $ 57,135.00
Sale Price $ 50,851.00
36 months lease
10k miles
Residl Rt/Amt: 61.00%$ 34,852.35
$2,000.00 BMW Loyalty Credit
$1,000 BMW Lease Credit
$0.00 Down Payment
Minimum Drive off fess Due at Signing $2,502.00
Base Monthly $ 480.24
Mnthly Use Tax 9.5000% $ 45.62

With Max MSD monthly will be $498
Drive off total 6000
3500 MSD and 2500 docs etc
Go or run???

Looks like they are using base money factor and 11% off MSRP before incentives.

It seems this is new, and not a loaner.

For an M340, this is a good deal!


Looks good except drive off, can you ask them to get it down to less than $1800.

“Brand New”

Where did you get this number?



I was just about to ask that. I’m sure they’d take it down to 0 if OP wanted…increasing monthly of course


Definitely a good deal. If you like this car, I recommend you go for it. Hopefully they stick to the deal.

Those are drive off fees (which he can roll into his monthly if he likes). There’s nothing to “reduce” unless they give him more of a discount.

Lots of folks recently just pulling digits from the sky with suggestions it seems to me.

It’s fine to say “I think I’d shoot for 12% discount, or another $XYZ off the MSRP”

But just “aim for X” without rationale is one over helpful.



Dealer plus bank fee???

925 bank fee

11% off and buy rate is really solid. 12-13% is achievable in your market, but will take some work.

You should feel good about this. Consider MSDs and go for it.

This is my life on a daily basis.

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Why isn’t anyone mentioned what year is this model referring to?

Let’s start there

because there’s only a 2020 model


Its 2020 sir

Brand new model M

This isn’t going to come cheap no matter until the 21s come out

The heart wants what it wants

Yes, reducing the drive off / down with increased monthly. Sorry I was not clear enough.

How did you arrive at the number of less than $1,800 though? That’s the real question. How was moving ~$700 from DAS to monthly going to improve this deal?

If the answer is “I just pulled it from the sky,” then you should consider learning more before giving advice.


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@anon92897398 I already apologized.
Just to explain, it did not come from sky, what I wanted to say is roll in the acquisition fee (or some part of it) into monthly so that, not so much due at signing. I will not advice henceforth.

Hey peeps chill…
were here to learn…
and help each other…