BMW Loyalty w/ Co Applicant


Hey all. To qualify for the BMW Loyalty incentive, without anyone in the household owning a BMW, can I have a co-applicant that currently leases one? It wouldn’t be registered to her, but at my home. I believe the answer is a yes from my research. However, after this lease would I then be eligible for Loyalty without her as a co-applicant.

I was wondering similar, interested in hearing an answer

To my understanding it’s probably easier if you don’t have a co applicant and just use their address as the initial address then just change the address after. I rather let someone else use my address than co sign for them. Hope that helps.

And yes after u establish the lease, you won’t need them anymore to qualify for further loyalty

Oh, you mean like commit fraud? That’s always the prudent route to take.


I don’t think that’s committing fraud, lol. But you can look at it however you want, just my two cents.

I think it may be fraud, since you would have to falsify your address on the credit application. Also, I think the discrepancy in address would get noticed when they run a credit report (or look at your driver’s license.)

Is this in response to AP2F22 or are you saying utilizing a co-applicant for loyalty purposes is fraud? I thought having myself and a co-applicant at a different address than the car would be registered to is fair game.

I actually think that’s a textbook definition of fraud.

FWIW, if I’m going to commit fraud, it’ll be for slightly more than $1,250 dollars.

Hmm I thought I read otherwise in older threads. Regardless thanks for the clear up. Seems like the first lease wont be a great one.

I was referring to AP2F22’s suggestion of using someone else’s address. I do not think having a co-signer would be fraud.

As of two years ago, the answer was yes.

It’s not. Falsifying one’s address for monetary gain would be though w/o a co-signer. In theory, it can’t happen anyways, as they will verify your address with your DL and a discrepancy will raise an immediate red flag.

The address on your DL is irrelevant. What sets off a red flag is when there’s no history of that address on your credit report (if you tried to go the fraud route and use someone else’s address). At that time FS will require proof of residence in the form of a utility bill in your name and no, any other bill (like cell phone, insurance, etc) that is easily changed will not suffice.

Having a co-signer with loyalty is perfectly fine.


Not here nor there but the applicant “may have just moved in with their friend”

In all seriousness though, Just take over a cheap short term lease from someone here for loyalty if the benefit outweighs the conquest (if any) and go hack a deal. Or do the co-signer thing… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response! So after this lease with my cousin as a co-applicant, would I be eligible for loyalty on my own going forward?


I’m just more surprised someone is willing to put their credit on the line so you can save a lousy 1000 bucks. I guess good for you for finding a sucker.

Straw purchase?

It wouldn’t be a straw if the owner/operator is on the account too though.

Yes I agree

So apparently we all live in a perfect world.

Food for thought, not that I’m suggesting but…if you had to choose one…

Would u rather lend someone your credit or TRY to use your address to help someone get credit on a car (non felony or misdemeanor)? Yes exactly…just making a point