BMW loyalty verification

Does anybody know how BMW goes about verifying loyalty and who exactly is eligible?

Is it per household? Same last name? etc

VIN number and address.

@Ed_Churchward so you’re saying it goes by address then?

so anybody living at that address is eligible?

I think their name needs to be on the lease. So whoever has the existing BMWFS contract needs to be on the new one as well.

@Ed_Churchward i don’t think that’s accurate, i think household qualifies which is why i was asking how they verify.

*Existing or BMWFS Customer within last 12 months, IIRC.

I never understood how BMWNA let BMWFS define “BMW Loyalty” as being a BMWFS customer. Way to give a big fat FU to cash buyers who want to buy another one, i.e. people who are loyal to the car brand

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Thanks Max, so I am right. It does have to be a named customer on the new lease.

@Ed_Churchward i don’t think you can come to that conclusion based on @max_g comment . I think there needs to be a lease in that household but not necessarily under a particular name.

As for @max_g comment, it’s is completely normal for there to be certain incentives for leases vs for owners. BMWNA is completely different from BMWFS and if BMWFS wants to entice people to keep leasing they can offer $1000 loyalty. Almost every car company offers different incentives between leases and purchases.

I just used the loyalty rebate on my X3 and the lease had to be in the name of the person who had the existing lease. Maybe they were talking BS to me but I needed the VIN to pull up the agreement and then the same name and contact details on both the old and new lease.

Make of that what you will.

if your spouse has a bmw in the household you still qualify, so it could be same last name etc. I just thought someone on here would know the exact rules.

I was told by 2 dealers here in so cal, that it was within the same household. I guess I’ll find out for sure when my dad gets his X5 in a few months…

I don’t know the exact rules, but I just wanted to clarify that past customers (BMWFS contract ended 12 months ago or less) qualify in addition to existing, AFAIK.

Not disagreeing with what you said, but that wasn’t my point. Perhaps I should have been clearer…the rebate program could have been called BMWFS Loyalty (or something more marketing friendly), which is what it is. It should have not been called BMW Loyalty.

BTW, purchases financed thru BMWFS also qualify (i.e. one just needs to be a BMWFS customer of some sort), AFAIK. It’s just cash buyers who are SOL…one would think that would be a group worth retaining

Anybody here know if the bmw loyalty can be combined with the bmw fleet discount?

My mom combined fleet and loyality like 3 weeks ago.

There was mention in my BMW X3 thread that gimmeMyBMR got both discounts. I didn’t qualify for either so I can’t speak from experience.

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My father currently owns a used BMW. No account with BMW financial services. We live at different addresses but he still lives at the address I grew up in - so the address appears on my credit history.

Could I qualify for BMW loyalty and if so, what is the best way? Can I do it without having him cosign?

your questions are answered here:

Thank you. I had found that post earlier. In that post they state “So their address wont show up on my credit report”

In my case the address will show up as a prior address on my credit report, though not my current address. Not sure if that makes a difference.

You aren’t in the same household currently, so you can’t use him.

Would appreciate verification on this question. I always assumed it went by household. So any family member that leases or finances a car would make the other members in the household eligible for loyalty. Thats how I always interpreted it. I could be wrong.