BMW Loyalty Rebate and Conquest Award


An interesting questions I would like feedback on. Looking to lease a BMW. Already have a BMW which I’m keeping - which entitles me to Loyalty Rebate - -$1,000 ON ANOTHER BMW). Here’s the real issue: Will be ending lease on a Mercedes for a BMW which - in my thinking - entitles me IN ADDITION TO A LOYALTY REBATE a Conquest Award of $1,000. Does the dealer make this call? I’ve called BMW Financial Services and Customer Service - and they say its the dealer. Last time I met with salesperson he said " it gets kicked back the few times he’s tried it." There is nothing is the regulations for a Loyalty Rebate that says “no” - only that you can’t combine two Loyalty Rebate. Conquest is NOT a loyalty rebate!

Almost all brands don’t let you combine loyalty and conquest rebates. Only time I’ve seen it, and that seemed to be limited to SoCal region, was IFS with the QX60 end of last year.

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TBH, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it outside of your example.