BMW Loyalty on Old BMW

I have an older BMW, that i bought and paid via cash. does that earn me the BMW lease loyalty credit or is that only newer BMWs? I think this question has been asked before but the answers aren’t clear. Hoping some clarity. TIA

Yes it does

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Yes. As long as you have the logo on the hood still hanging and not blemished. Visible enough :smiley:

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Wow so even a 25 year old junker qualifies. That’s interesting

What if you had a bimmer (bought on cash) but sold it in the last 12 months? Would that get loyalty too?

I think if you have a valid registration copy, you should be OK.

Yes this is correct

I should talk to my buddy… He’s got a '99 323i w/ almost 300K miles and he’s going to be getting rid of it for couple hundred $$$. Do I need a 5th car… :slight_smile:

If the cost of buying, registering, titling adding insurance for a few days worth it, then You are not the first one who has done that.

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Anyone ever buy (and do all requirements) and just trade in towards lease payments at signing?

They’re not going to give you anything more than scrap value for an old clunker…heck they probably don’t want anything that falls outside the CPO eligibility (which is six years IIRC)

During the recent Bmw frenzy most models apart from 3/4 series had conquest which was often within $750 of the loyalty amount so why bother

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