BMW loyalty incentive no more?

Just started helping my dad negotiate his X5 lease and the dealer told us that the loyalty incentive is no longer valid? Any truth to this?

Does seem to be the case. They are doing rollups instead

yes no more loyality credit

hey where are you located i can help you get a better deal then the dealer

@ericWWA Getting a better deal than the dealer? What, so better than if a dealer bought a car from his own dealership?
Do you mean better than he can get at a dealer? If so, I have yet to find a broker who can get a better deal than I can get if I put a large amount of time and effort into it.

There is no magic wand that Brokers have to make the dealer have more profit in a car so the broker can get a better deal. It is all about talking to the right person at the dealership.

I am not bashing brokers, they can be very useful, especially if you don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself but there is no guarantee you can get a better deal than the OP can.

i get special under the invoice pricing that dealers don’t give to retail customers

That is just not true. I just got my BMW at $2k under invoice before any rebates.

I am $2,500 under invoice on a Camaro I am negotiating.

I really don’t think you have been on this forum long enough to realise that pretty much every deal done on here is well below invoice.

you negotiated i get anywhere from 2500-3k even 5k sometimes without negotiating. i really haven’t but i seen people at incovie and even over invoice

Yes and I could too given the correct car, each car has a different level below invoice you can go.

I challenge you to go and get me a $5k below invoice deal on a BMW M3 before rebates.

I am in southern california…

@ericWWA. Like @Ed_Churchward said… Brokers provide a great service for people that don’t have the time or the knowledge on how to work a deal. I recommend them all the time to my friends.

There are also a lot of members on this forum that have gotten some exceptional deals. Can you provide some current examples on some popular cars where you are getting a better deal that a retail customer could not get? i3, M3, C300, or a Volt come to mind.

Are you up for the challenge? If you are able to deliver, you will make a ton of friends on this forum.

so true. You can make a ton of business on here if you can get people the right price. I’m in So Cal and I have quite a few friends and family in the market or soon to be in the market for cars. One way to get people’s attention is to post some deals that you could currently get people. People on this forum are absolutely not shy about telling you whether they think it’s a good deal or not.

@ericWWA, Please post your deals you got here and will take look. BTW, im here in southern California

@Ed_Churchward What are roll ups?