BMW Loyalty - Fiancée owns a BMW not going on new lease


Quick question about BMW loyalty. My Fiance and I live together but maintain individual addresses. She owns a BMW x5 and I am hoping to lease a 540xi. She will not be going on the new lease as we need to maintain certain DTI ratios for a commercial building she is planning to purchase.

If I register the car to her address will I qualify for the loyalty incentive? I know many other OEMs just require the address on registrations to match as “household” is the main qualification.

Thanks in advance!

Not sure if it matters but we share insurance policy on both of our cars.

Is the policy on her address and her as main driver? Check with sales manager if proof of insurance qualifies for loyalty.

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Yes to both.

Residency is a bit complicated as we are a blended family who will be selling two houses next fall when our new construction is done being built.

I have a call into the dealership to see if Proof of Insurance would be sufficient. TY

I’d be more worried about this part. Regardless of registration, insurance companies require you to list the location of where you’ll be primarily keeping the car. You don’t want to risk having a claim denied.

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Have Fiancée cosign the lease, problem solved.

Totally agree and planned for. We are both listed on each policy.

My car, my address, her as additional insured.
Her car, her address, me as additional insured.

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DTI problem of new commercial purchase, they can’t stick the loan on her personal credit report.