BMW Loyalty Credit Multiple Cars

Hi everyone I leased a BMW about a month ago with a lot of help from people here. I received a $1,000 off for BMW Loyalty. I now looking to lease another BMW and I wanted to know if I am eligible for the credit again or is it a one time thing?

If you keep leasing BMWs every month, you should be eligible for the VIP credit lol (2k)
Loyalty is not a one time, it is applicable to every new lease and you should qualify

Thanks @vhooloo I know you were half joking but I tried to google BMW VIP Credit and it seemed to be tied to a Fleet Discount but it was not clear. Do you have any insight on that? I want to lease a 2016 528i and take advantage of the $1,000 Holiday Cash as well.

The VIP program is just for brand influencers and celebrities. Most dealers don’t even know what it is, very small program and it has nothing to do with fleet. It gets you invoice price on any car and then an additional $1500 rebate. Useful for M cars as they are hard to find at invoice. This can them be combined with any other incentives. So right now I could get an M3 at $3,500 below invoice because of the Holiday credit, loyalty and VIP rebate.

Just conduct the transaction over email. Tell 'em you’re Brad Pitt’s cousin!

His name is Doug Hole

Do you think I could swing this on an M2?

@Ed_Churchward How does one qualify as an influencer? Is this basically getting in good with one dealership?

I can get an M2 at this pricing yes. Although it is cheaper to get an M3/4 because the M2 residuals are so bad.

The dealers have nothing to do with this program. It is run by BMW NA and their VIP department.