BMW loyalty bonus

I’m currently leasing a Mini with Mini Financial Services (actual payments made to BMW FS) and looking to leasing a BMW.

I’ve talked to a couple of BMW dealers and got mixed answers on whether I’m eligible for the $1000 loyalty bonus. So I called BMW FS and was told the bonus is from the dealer so it’s decided by the dealer.

My question is, if the loyalty bonus is coming out of dealers’ pocket, does the loyalty bonus still actually make a difference when negotiating price?

Negotiate price, get an agreement, and then bring up the loyalty bonus at the very end.

Some dealers would like to know your eligibility for different incentives before disclosing the selling price :grinning:

Never give them that information until they give you their final lowest price. The incentives come from the manufacture and that is your money, if you give that information to dealership they will try to wrap it on the deal and you wont get the lowest price. Just saying…


I’ve had mixed experiences. Not telling them might delay you in getting the deal you want but telling them at the same time may make them grind their heels in and not negotiate at all. Depends on the dealership you’re working with and if they’re honest and upfront on the deal.

There is also another way: after doing your homework, tell them the sale price you want before all available rebates/incentives. Then negotiate the final sale price (same - before rebates/incentives) from there.

Yea, exactly. Some dealers ask you upfront about loyalty bonus and it might be hard to deflect that question sometime.

Is this a nationwide program? If i have another BMW leased currently do I get $1000 rebate?