BMW Loyalty and PenFed Combinability

Does anyone know if there are any official rules on whether you can stack PenFed with other rebates such as loyalty? Almost every dealer I have ever worked with has been able to stack PenFed with loyalty and other available rebates. But I have one SoCal dealer swearing up and down that you cannot combine PenFed with loyalty. I need to point to something official because frankly I don’t have anything that says this other than the PenFed certificate, which only vaguely says “Incentives are combinable with eligible new car sales programs.” It does not specifically say it can be combined with other incentives. Thanks, all!

Update: He says this is a new BMW rule not previously in place. First I’ve heard of it though.

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I’m not sure if I can link to other bimmer forums here but what the heck, admins can remove this if this violates guidelines.

Maybe dealers here will have more info but from what I know, you want your dealer to look up their stackability matrix, specifically the military section of it. Straight from a dealer -

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Thanks, but whatever it is, this SA is telling me it’s a new rule from BMW not being able to combine PenFed with the loyalty rebate. Perhaps @BMW_Dave can chime in on this one! :slight_smile:

If it’s the sales advisor telling you that I would speak to the sales manager or the finance manager directly. I had a sales advisor tell me that on leases BMW doesn’t allow them to lower the MF (after they marked it up to the max) and that it was a guidance from BMWNA. Asked to speak with SM, voila base MF achieved.

Another one (when asked for 0 DAS quote) - BMW doesn’t allow 0 DAS. You have to put fees as DAS at the very minimum. Asked to speak to GSM, had a 0 DAS quote printed out in couple mins.

We can wait for Dave to chime in but I’ll call it now - it’s BS. He can make a new rule everyday and I’m sure once you show him the official documentation there will be a new rule as to why it isn’t valid.

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Thanks. Normally I’d agree with you, but he’s saying he has checked with the SM and thus is coming from the SM. So either the SA is BS-ing or the SM is BS-ing. Either way there can be only one right answer.

I used penfed and loyalty for a deal this month, so as you said maybe bs

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Penfed stacks with loyalty on lease and finance through bmwfs
Good for $500 on any bmw except i3


Thanks man. That’s exactly my understanding of how PenFed works, but I just need to point to something official on paper. Where does it say this so that I can show him?

it’s in the fine print when you print your unique code certificate

2021 BMW PenFed Incentives

Incentives for eligible 2021 models
-$500 Incentive for Lease and Retail Loan financed through BMW Financial Services. Exception: BMW FS Lease not available for i3.
-Incentives are combinable with eligible new car sales programs* Exception i3 Cash/FS Retail Loan not combinable.
*i3 PenFed Cash and BMW FS Retail Loan $11,000. Not combinable with monthly sales programs. Not eligible for BMW FS lease.

Special BMW Incentive offer is valid at any authorized BMW Center in the United States. Cash incentives are not applicable for vehicles leased/financed through BMW Financial Services. Member must take retail delivery January 4, 2021 - January 3, 2022. Incentive offer is subject to change without prior notice. This incentive offer is available to PenFed members. BMW requires presentation of a photo ID your BMW Manufacturer Certificate with a unique Customer ID and Offer Code. Visit the PenFed Car Buying Service to receive BMW Certificate. One incentive per member, per offer code, per calendar year for new BMW vehicles. Eligible member must be the purchaser. See your authorized BMW Center for complete program details.

Tell them Dan Knight said it’s okay :grinning:

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Looks like I’m late to the party but I also can confirm the USAA/PenFed (or now some call it the Military Program) can absolutely stack with Loyalty.

Sorry @bluzbra for taking so long. Enjoying some family time today.


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