BMW loaners mileage requirements

I just looked at the calculator in a brokers thread. Now states only bmw loaners between 4000 and 7000 miles can be leased? thought it was any car under 5k miles

Program changed as of this calendar year. Some loaners were grandfathered into the old program, but that should be few and far between by now.

Gotcha. When you say grandfathered in, does that mean select 2020s?

I believe those were retired loaners that were already up for sale when 2021 came around. Could have been 2020/2021. The more experienced BMW dealers/brokers can provide more context

When getting loaners what happens when it’s out of warranty during lease term. Since you already start with 4-7k miles.

Another 36k miles and you’re at 40-45k towards lease end.

BMW bumper to bumper warranty is up to 50k miles.

Even if you found a 7k mile loaner and did 15k a year, you’d be out of warranty the last 2k miles.

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Get a car with enough miles left before it hits 50k.

For example if you drive 15k/yr then find loaners with 5,000 miles or less.

Ofc the vast majority of BMWs won’t fall apart right at 50,001 miles but what’s the point of leasing if you’re willing to take on the possibility of paying for unscheduled repairs?

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