BMW Loaner - Reduced MRSP?

Hey guys, I’ve followed every thread on BMW on here for a while now, specially the demo and loaner threads.

I’ve finally decided to pull the trigger on a BMW 330e loaner.

MSRP on the car is $55,652 and they’re selling it for $43,510 before $9,500 in rebates. (great solid deal by our standards). However, now the dealer is telling me that since it’s a loaner vehicle, the MSRP value to calculate the residual is reduced from $55,652 down to $50,235 which is impacting the payment a great deal. They’re also hitting me with the mile penalty for having over 500 miles, the car has 4,500.

They’re also telling me that the base MF for this vehicle is .00227 (because it’s a loaner) plus a few points for “bad credit”. I’m doing the college grad program and this sounds awful high for a program that is supposed to help you. They showed me a document that shows that MF but they wouldn’t allow me to see anything else, not even the heading for the section or the title of the document which is pretty sketchy.

I’ve read all the demo/loaner posts and I’ve never seen any of these things, is this real? are they scamming me? Have they realized the horrible mistake they’re about to make and try to come up with excuses to recuperate some money?

they are BS’ing you for sure

Residual is from MSRP on a loaner or demo

MF is 0.00152 for tier 1 credit

what is the $9500 in rebates?

Call me at 714-591-6303 I work at Shelly BMW not sure if you’re in Orange County

The rebates are:

$3,000 - 3-series Holiday cash
$3,000 - iPerformance rebate
$1,500 - BMW Loyalty (I have a 5series)
$1,000 - College Grad
$1,000 - OL Code for signing up to win tickets for an SMU event in Dallas

When he first punched the VIN to bring up the car info into the numbers screen yesterday, the MSRP did come up as $50k something. But he called his manager and he said it was wrong and that it was the normal MSRP, but today he reviewed the deal with his manager and that’s when he called and said that the System $50k-ish MSRP is actually right.

Its true any miles over 500 are reduced off the residual by .25 cents per mile and any cars over 10k miles don’t not qualify for incentives or rebates. and 15k miles over are none lease able.

If anyone is in the Orange County/ L.A are I can get you a deal on a BMW, Im the Internet Manager at Shelly BMW.

What is the payment they want?

I forget the acronym, but BMW floated the possibility of doing MRV (maximum residual value?) to disfavor people loading up 330’s (and 430’s) with options when the true value at the end of the lease did not accord with the subvented RV. I do not believe it was on a 330e and I further believe that BMW did away with the program earlier this year. With that noted, I also know that BMW does not have MSRPs with a 2 at the end. Typically, it’s a 5 or a 0. So, I think something wacky is going on here. Tread lightly.

And the base MF is .00152. Period. If they don’t renege on the markup, then you should move on to the next dealership.

They’re telling you so many lies I would walk away.

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