BMW loaner - just to share experience - tip

I wonder why a salesperson would offer a really bad 1st quote even though we discussed RV, MF , and MSDs in detail. Perhaps it’s a negotiation tactic - you get ridiculous price 1st and then feel better presented with decent deal. Perhaps that’s how the negotiations are played. On the good side, it was easy to get ole code, quick drive around block.

DEMO 2019 430i GranCoupe with m package and pp

**MSRP: $54500
**Selling Price: $**49400
**Monthly Payment: $**780. (Including 1600 remaining lease payments)
**Cash Due at Signing: $**1600
**Incentives:**1000 lease cash and 1000 test drive ole

**Annual Mileage:**10k

Leasehackr Score: n/a

Not sure why you put this in Share deals + tips category if it’s not a deal you signed.

It’s a tip

Tip pertaining to what…a bad deal? Not the intent of the category.

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The only tip would be to avoid this dealer but you didn’t include the name so…

Is that the first quote that was really bad or the second one to make you feel better about getting a deal?

Share in the “Worst deals” thread if you like, but no need to make a new thread for share bad quotes.