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I laid that out wrong. I’ve fixed it.

But that doesn’t really address your question.

I didn’t ask the follow-up question because I thought the info would be easy to find for myself (like it has been historically, but I haven’t looked in a number of years).

Secondarily, by default I like to independently run all the numbers myself as a mean of understanding, and to make sure I’m not misunderstanding anything.

I just figure (in my mind) regardless of whether invoice minus whatever actually is, if you get their number it’s then easy enough to just compare that vs the other deal in a calc.

Hi All - I have a quick question on BMW offers. They announced a Summer event on their website but the leasing calculator does not show any of those offers. It’s says upto $2500 off MSRP on the BMWUSA site. I am mainly looking at IX and X5 pricing. Thanks for any insights.

Did you read the disclaimer? The exact loyalty and lease/purchase cash amounts are laid out. Same as usual, just calling it a sales event.
On Rate Findr, select the relevant loyalty and lease cash options near the top. On the regular calculator, enter the relevant amount (with or without loyalty) as taxed or untaxed incentive based on the registration state.

Does anyone know if former BMW company cars with less than 15k miles can be leased, similar to a loaner? Curious as I’ve seen a handful of them popping up recently at dealers, all show initial registration in NJ, and Carfax shows the type of owner as ‘Corporate Fleet’. I believe so based on the Wiki, but just want to confirm and if the data is still accurate (i.e. >7500 mi lose all incentives, etc.)

Last I recall under 5k, but anything under 5500 doesn’t get enhanced rebate support for EVs.

But anything under 5k will get traditional incentives, conquest, lease cash, etc.

How does the ev credit work for loaner EVs (iX, i4, i7 and i5)? For example, the iX has a $9900 credit when leasing it brand new but if it is a loaner then it becomes $5550, I think? Is the $4k taken away across all models?