BMW Leases. 3rd Parties can or can't buy them out? Can another car manufacturer buy it out?

I keep getting mixed info. I’m currently in a lease with BMW financial and I am hearing mixed words in regard to my car not being able to be bought out by companies like Carvana? Is this true? Does this also mean I may not be able go to competitors like Audi or MB and have them buy it out if I’m going to a new vehicle?

That’s correct. Carvana/Vroom/CarMax are out, and your best bet is a local BMW dealer.

See: No 3rd Party for BMW lease buyout? - #2 by mllcb42

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This also means competitors as well such as MB / Audi / etc? So only BMW can buy it out or me personally?

Here’s the master thread to read through if interested: BMW Modifying 3rd Party Buyout Info Request Effective 6/25

In any case, that’s right, other manufacturers are out as well - can only go to their dealers or folks who can ground leases through BMW dealers (I don’t know much about the latter, but have seen some mentions in the above linked thread).

Note that the situation has been evolving over the last few months, so reading the later half of the above thread would be most useful.

Comes down to this (2nd last reply): BMW Modifying 3rd Party Buyout Info Request Effective 6/25 - #228 by Kctham18

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Correct 1010

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Answered many times already. Please use the search function.